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NORTIV 8 Polar Bear Series Mens Hiking Boots Review

Mens Hiking Boots

Whether you’re on a day hike with friends or tackling a challenging backpacking route, no one likes stiff and burly hiking boots that weigh you down. It’s high time to switch from bulky boots to lightweight shoes that’ll offer you decent support. Hiking gear like boots often comes with a hefty price tag, hence there’s no point in paying such a high price and still being uncomfortable throughout your hiking or backpacking session.

You need a solid pair of men’s hiking boots made with breathable and waterproof materials to protect your feet and keep your ankles stable. And that’s exactly what NORTIV 8 has brought out with their Polar Bear Series Men’s Extra Grip Trekking Hiking Boots. These waterproof boots are not only just visually appealing, but you can hike comfortably for miles due to their unparalleled grip across dry or wet surfaces.

NORTIV 8 Polar Bear Series

Boasting an ultimate fit for all terrain, the Nortiv 8 Polar Bear Series are a pair of exceptional trekking shoes ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Mens Hiking Boots
NORTIV 8 Polar Bear Series


Material: Patterned rubber

Available size: 6-15

Waterproof: Dynamic Waterproof 15000 Times

Closure: Lace-up

Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Navy Blue

Design And Stability

The NORTIV 8 Polar Bear Series has a patterned rubber outsole and a supportive TPU construction in the midsole that’s inspired by polar bear paws to bring superior stability and support. Due to its provided stability, you can easily take a stroll on hills or climbs.

These shoes are also available in multiple color options, including black, dark grey, royal blue, and navy blue. Plus, a secure fit is guaranteed thanks to a lace-up closure with metal hooks. However, their size runs a bit small, so make sure to order a half-size larger than usual.

Mens Hiking Boots

Comfort And Breathability 

The footwear you wear while hiking or backpacking needs to be comfortable and breathable enough so it doesn’t take a toll on your feet. You may have to go through some tough terrain hence you want to wear something sturdy yet lightweight. These hiking boots come with a cushioned insole and mesh fabric lining to ensure better support and comfort. Not to forget the resilient MD midsole that absorbs shocks throughout adventures. It also offers great breathability to keep your foot cool and dry. These boots are made for hiking, however, you can also wear them during your camping trips or any other outdoor occasion where you need to walk over rugged, uneven, muddy terrains.

Mens Hiking Boots

Traction & Anti-Skid Performance

Their high-performance rubber outsole and its unique design enable it to provide excellent grip and traction on slippery slopes or loose rocks. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged when crossing shallow rivers or lakes, as they have a water-resistant fabric upper and are lined with waterproof construction. You can splash around in a bunch of puddles, and they would be completely waterproof. You won’t feel any wetness or dampness coming through the fabric. These boots are very flexible, and you may find them a bit stiff at first use but it relaxes over time.

Mens Hiking Boots

Wrapping Up

So if you want unparalleled grip across any surface, then the NORTIV 8 Polar Bear Series are perfect for trudging through mud, creeks, or streams while keeping your feet dry. The additional cushioning and sturdy construction of these boots make them an excellent choice for novice hikers whose ankles and feet might not be prepared to withstand the strain of off-road terrain. Moreover, it comes with multiple color choices so you can get whichever you like.

You can get these boots right now at a 20% discount if you enter the code: 20N8Polar at NORTIV 8’s official website.

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