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Car Camping Complete Guides | Tips | Benefits

Car Camping

There’s no denying that camping is the best way to enjoy the outdoors. And if you want to enjoy both the nature and comfort of home, car camping can be the way to go. Having your car parked at your campsite makes it a lot easier and more convenient to camp. 

Any sort of camping where you can drive your car into your campground is known as car camping. Unlike traditional camping, car camping doesn’t limit you to stuff you can carry with you. Even though camping is quite fun, it could be intimidating for first-time campers.

Thus, if you’re a beginner and this is your first camping trip, we highly suggest car camping to you. Bringing your car along to your campsite enables you to be more comfortable on your trip. Car camping is a simple and fun activity for any outdoor enthusiast. It allows you to visit stunning locations, travel locally on a budget, and do more in less time, which sounds fairly appealing. 

Benefits Of Car Camping 

When you’re going on your traditional camping or backpacking trip, you have to think carefully about every piece of gear or accessory you bring. However, in car camping, you would be able to bring the stuff that you would not ordinarily consider including a camping fan, generator, stove, coolers, and the list goes on. Plus you don’t have to unload all of your gear from your car into your tent either. You can just store the gears in your car and get them when you need them. 

Car Camping

Moreover, it’s extremely convenient to have your car beside your campsite. For instance, you can cut your trip short if the weather turns out to be really bad. You would have a choice to pack the car up and head out rather than deal with the storm. And when you forget to bring any necessities, you can just drive up and get them from the nearest place. If you’re not looking for an intense camping trip but still want to enjoy nature, car camping is your answer. 

Complete Guide To Car Camping

Planning ahead of your car camping trip will allow you to make the most of your experience. Here we have compiled a very comprehensive guide that’ll lead you to have a successful and fun car camping. 

Selecting The Campsite

First thing first, you need to select a location for camping. Car camping can be done in one of two ways: booking a campsite ahead of time or just driving up directly to your campsite. There are several public lands and parks that are open for camping. However, if you’re on someone’s private land, don’t forget to get the permits for camping. There may be more campsites options depending on where you live, do check those as well. 

Car Camping

When selecting a camping location, keep in mind where the nearest petrol station, food shop, and emergency center are while planning your trip. Another factor to consider while deciding where to camp is the sort of activities available. If you’re car camping with kids you would enjoy campsites that are equipped with amenities such as swimming, boating, ranger programs, and so on.

Right Gears For Car Camping

The best thing about car camping is that you have the luxury to carry all the essential camping gear so make the best use out of it. Make a checklist of a list of gear you want to carry with you. The basic things that your list should have is a sleeping bag, tent, camping mat, toothbrush, toiletries, stove, and cookware. While packing clothes make sure they’re going to protect you against the weather and pretty quick to dry as well. A toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and any personal prescriptions are required in terms of toiletries. You can keep all your cooking essentials organized in a bin with a lid so it’s all in one place. 

Packing The Car

You have to pack your car as evenly as possible so the weight is distributed equally and doesn’t put pressure on one side or on one axle. 

Car Camping

Heavy things like tents, big sleeping bags, and kitchen bags can be a bit tricky to pack. Start by packing the tent first. If your tent is a roll-style pack instead of a round pop-up, it’ll be one of the biggest things to pack. Because of the size and form, round pop-up type tents are more difficult to pack, but because they lay flat, they can be kept on top or below other stuff. Once you’re done packing big things it’s time for small things and clothes. 

Planning Activities And Menu

Camping doesn’t only mean you just have to sit around the campfire, there could be other activities you can enjoy. If you want to go for a hike or a bike ride make sure you’re familiar with the surroundings of your campground. Before you depart pack a map with you. 

You need to plan how you want to spend your day camping. It’s totally fine if you want to just enjoy nature and hang out around the camp. Bringing a hammock would be a great idea as you can enjoy a cozy and relaxing time while camping. You can bring a book, or a pair of binoculars to check out the surroundings and birds. If you don’t want to just sit around, you can bring some board games. 

Car Camping

While car camping it’s best to plan your meals in advance so you can bring necessary items without ending up with all kinds of excess stuff. Cooking at the campsite can be a bit of a hassle. However, cooking at camp will be easier if you do some prep work at home, and you’ll have more time to hike and enjoy the scenery.

Leaving No Trace

Once you’re done enjoying your camping trip, it’s time to pack up. When leaving the campsite make sure it’s in a good state. No matter how big of a blast you had on your trip, you need to follow the leave-no-trace rule. Most campsites have certain rules and regulations that you have to follow. You need to abide by those rules so the campers that’ll come after you can enjoy themselves at the campsite and don’t face any problems. 

Final Verdict

Car camping is a terrific way for novice campers to get started and for individuals to enjoy camping and the outdoors for years to come. Now that you’re all caught up you’re all ready for your next car camping trip. Here is a complete guide to car camping. Remember to do your research and prepare beforehand when organizing a car camping trip.

Car Camping

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