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How To Stay Clean While Camping: 5 Simple Things That Anyone Can Do!

How To Stay Clean While Camping

It’s impossible to avoid getting dirty or sweaty while camping or hiking. And that’s just part of the experience. Not all campsites are equipped with shower facilities, so you may not always get the privilege to keep yourself clean and sanitary.

Although it is okay to be a bit dirty while exploring the great outdoors, having poor hygiene will do more harm than good. Besides, there are a few simple methods that you can use to maintain some basic hygiene that will prevent bacteria growth and rashes. 

While outdoors, you need to stay as clean as possible. Having bad hygiene will not only make you feel uncomfortable but may cause health issues and even diseases. And that’s what this article is all about. We are going to learn all the tips and tricks to keep ourselves clean and sanitary while enjoying our outdoor trip.

Hygiene Essentials To Bring While Camping

Before we start this discussion, let’s first figure out what you need to bring with you to help stay clean. However, make sure you don’t bring any products that are harmful to the environment. 

Biodegradable Soap

Carrying soap is essential as it will ensure that you can stay clean on the go. Soap can be used for different purposes as well. From washing your hands to cleaning your laundry and dishes, it can help you in a variety of ways. For soaps, biodegradable ones are the best as they’re harmless to the environment. 

Microfiber Quick-Dry Towel

You can have tons of towels at home, but a microfiber towel is the best choice for a camping trip. These towels are lightweight and highly absorbent than regular towels. 

Plastic Grocery Bags

Since it is highly unlikely that you will find bins around during your camping trip, carry plastic grocery bags to toss all your trash into. 

Dental hygiene Essentials

You should bring a toothbrush, floss, and environmentally-friendly toothpaste in your bag as well. Oral hygiene is essential even when you’re out in the wild. 

Sleeping bag liner

You don’t want to sleep in a dirty sleeping bag for the rest of your trip. And with a sleeping bag liner, it makes it much easier to clean.

How To Stay Clean While Camping
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How to Stay Clean While Camping?

While camping, you don’t necessarily have to stay dirty throughout your trip. In fact, staying clean and dry will help you in many ways than you can think of. For that, you don’t even need to pack heavily for your trip. So, let’s check out some simple hacks that you can use to stay clean while camping or hiking.

Extra clothing

Even if you’re camping for only a few days, it’s always better to pack a minimum of two sets of clothes. Socks and underpants, in particular, are things that must be cleaned or changed on a daily basis. Moreover, to keep your sleeping clothes clean, you should never take it out of your tent. Select hiking garments and socks made from synthetic fabrics, wool, nylon, or spandex that wicks away moisture to avoid developing a bad odor. Cotton absorbs moisture and, in general, dries slowly, even after washing.

Swimming in the lake

Swimming at a lake or on the beach is a terrific way to wash away the dirt and grime from the day and keep yourself clean. A good rinse in the lake is usually enough to have a good bath. However, it’s recommended not to use soap as it can be harmful to natural water resources. But if there isn’t a lake or stream nearby or if it’s too chilly to take a bath with soap and water, carry baby wipes or bio wipes and clean yourself that way.

Wash Hands Regularly

Even in the wilderness, you should wash your hands after using the restroom and before beginning to prepare food. If you’re unable to wash your hands with soap and water, then the most lightweight option is to bring a hand sanitizer and use that periodically. If you’re in a group and have extra gear, a handwashing station can be set up. Hang a tiny water reservoir from a tree and have a small container of biodegradable soap nearby. Antibacterial hand wash may be mixed into a bottle and used with a moist towel. If you have numerous water bottles, remember to label each one with the antibacterial hand wash combination so that it does not get mixed up with drinking water.

Washing Hair

You can use a biodegradable soap for your hair too. Has this ever happened to you that you’ve been camping for a long time and need to wash your hair but don’t have access to a water source to soak it in? In that case, unscented dry shampoo works well to clean it and rid your hair of that greasy look. Dry shampoos are easy to carry and apply as well.

Washing Dishes

It’s very important to wash your dishes to prevent bacteria growth. Fill a big pot with water once you’ve finished your dinner and put a tiny bit of biodegradable soap in it. Scrub any remaining food from your plates with steel wool. Lay the dishes out to dry on a camping blanket or on some rocks after they’re clean. Next, dig a hole with a shovel and carefully pour the dishwater into it. Use a pot lid or strainer to make sure the food chunks don’t fall into the hole. These food chunks go in your garbage bag. Finally, fill the hole with dirt. This way, you’re keeping your dishes sanitary as well as preserving your campsite. 

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about how to stay clean while camping. Maintaining your hygiene while staying outdoors can save you from a lot of discomfort and health issues. Keeping some essential items like soap, sanitizer, and bio wipes can go a long way to keep oneself clean. Also, ensure your sleeping area is clean as well. And before packing up, sweep the tent and shake off any debris, wipe off the sleeping pads, and dry out any wet spots.

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