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Klarus CL2 Camping Light Review

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Whether you want to cook after sunset or go on a nighttime excursion, a powerful light source is a must-have while roaming in the woods. Camping lights have come a long way, with fun features like multicolor lighting modes, USB ports for power, and even solar panels. Designs range from simple, and freeholding models to high-battery capacity markets are filled with these. 

KLARUS is a well-known brand that’s known for making professional quality lighting equipment that’s suitable for Law Enforcement, Military, and Outdoor Enthusiasts. This CL2 Freefolding Eye-caring Camping Light from Klarus is great for camping, hurricane emergency kits, and travel. This would be the perfect camping lamp for illuminating your tent or site after sunset. 

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Illuminate the campgrounds with the Klarus CL2 Camping Light, which has various light modes tailored for a relaxing adventure. Opening the box, you’ll get CL2 Camping Light, charging cable, user manual, pouch, and C-L converter. Let’s find out if the Klarus CL2 Camping Light boasts all the features you need.


  • LED Color temperature: White light 6000K, Warm light 3000K
  • Battery specification: 10400mAh 
  • Working voltage: 2.8-4.2V
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Brightness: 30-750 Lumen
  • Light Mode: 7
  • Run Time: 60 Hours
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5


This CL2 has a unique foldable design that provides 360-degree Omnidirectional ambient lighting. The folding arms are a really nice idea and work well for adjusting the light to just how you want it. Besides, the Klarus CL2 has a high-quality, durable construction that makes it dust and water-resistant. It has an IPX5 waterproof rating. The mounting options include placing it down on its base, using the included silicone hoop, or using the threaded mount. Moreover, it has an integrated hanging attachment and is also compatible with tripods, allowing you to elevate the light above the ground for more coverage. 

Brightness and Light Modes

It has seven flicker-free output modes, and you can choose between cold light or warm light with three brightness levels. And when set to the maximum brightness, it’ll deliver up to 750 lumens of non-glaring illumination. 

It’s excellent that you get options for both dim, low, and temp color light as well as a bright white light. Initially, you may think “flashlight” mode is something you don’t need, it comes in handy when you’re walking in the complete dark. 

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Battery Capacity

When it comes to camping lights, battery capacity is a very important feature to look for. You don’t want your light to go down after a few hours of use. Luckily, these rechargeable camping lights include a huge capacity built-in battery with a 10400-milliamp-hour capacity that can power a dead phone, keeping you connected and secure. The large-capacity battery enables you to charge other Android USB gadgets or your cell phone in an emergency.

With a 60-hour lifespan rating, this rechargeable camping lamp is ideal for every indoor or outdoor situation you can imagine, including a study room, kitchen, garage, workshop, dinner party, camping, picnic, etc. 


There was a time when people used to take pressurized paraffin lamps to camp, which were heavy and not convenient at all. However, with this Klarus CL2 Camping Light lamp, you don’t need to worry about this hassle. With only one button, you can effortlessly extend or compress the light to suit any occasion. Additionally, it just weighs 14.81 oz, making it easy to hand carry, hang on any available hooks, or simply set aside. You can also use it as a handheld flashlight, as it has an LED at the bottom. Plus, the Red warning strobe light will come to your aid during emergencies. 

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Our Thoughts

So whether you wish to illuminate your car’s interior at night, the tent, or the entire campground, be sure to bring along the Klarus CL2 Camping Light. Sitting in my large tent now at night and even on its dimmest setting, you would find this light is far brighter. You don’t even need to switch to the brightest setting, the mid-range is perfect for anything.

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