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How To Make Camping Cot More Comfortable?

Camping Cot

Usually, camping trips consist of a lot of physical activities, especially when you go backpacking or cycling. Unfavorable weather conditions can make the day even more challenging which may end up leaving you exhausted. Only a sound sleep during the night can restore all your energy and make you feel ready to take on the next day. 

A variety of different sleeping accommodations are available that claim to offer uninterrupted sleep. However, most professional travelers prefer a camping cot as their primary sleeping solution. Though these cots have many unique benefits, they may not suit the needs of everyone, especially those who go camping occasionally. But this issue can be easily solved with some simple tricks which we are going to discuss in this article. So, if you are planning to spend the night outdoors with a camping cot, this whole article is a must-read for you.

Why Do Campers Prefer To Sleep On A Camping Cot?

While there are other options that can be used to build a sleeping system, camping cots are the most popular among frequent campers. Here are the reasons that contribute to its popularity.

Camping Cot
  • Keeps you elevated from the ground: Camping cots have foldable stands and frames that elevate the canvas 12 to 18 inches from the ground. So, campers sleep on camping cots to avoid direct contact with the rough surface and unpleasant temperature of the ground.
  • Durable and long-lasting: The frames and stands of camping cots are made from either rigid wood or steel alloy, and the canvas fabric is also strong enough to take on the full weight of a person. 
  • Easy to carry: You can easily fold camping cots to make them compact in size and carry them in a small bag. Moreover, they do not weigh much which makes them very portable.
  • Comfortable in any weather: Cots can be used in any weather. Whether it’s raining, freezing, or boiling, a camping cot will remain functional and keep you safe.

Easy Tips To Make Camping Cots More Comfortable

There are several methods that you can use to make your camping cot more comfortable. We are going to suggest some tips here which are easy to follow and inexpensive too. 

Camping Cot

Choose The Right Cot

Getting the right camping cot is important if you want to sleep properly. Cots are available in a wide range of fabrics, weights, and sizes, so pick one that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed all night long. Of course, you have to select a cot according to your physical attributes. The size should be modest but not too small for your stature. Plus, check the cot’s weight capacity to ensure that it can support your full weight. Moreover, cots with stiff frames and low-quality canvas fabrics might make sleeping difficult. So, look for one that has a soft and comfortable canvas with a flexible frame.

Set It Up In An Ideal Spot

After reaching the campsite, find a suitable place to set up your camping cot first. Look for level ground where the cot will not move around. The cot’s stands should be placed at equal heights to level the canvas properly. The cost cannot be set on soft surfaces such as sand or mud because in such scenarios, putting your weight on it will make the stands slowly sink. As a result, the cot will become unstable and sloppy, making it uncomfortable to sleep in. Moreover, if the place is filled with bugs, try to put on a mosquito net over your cot. 

Add A Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad is one of the most effective methods to make your cot more comfortable. Sleeping pads provide an additional layer of cushioning and insulation, which may make a significant difference in getting a proper night of sleep. There are many different types of sleeping pads on the market, so be sure you get one that is right for you. However, keep in mind to purchase one that fits the dimensions of your cot.

Camping Cot
Add a Sleeping Pad

Or You Can Use An Air Mattress

You can also use an air mattress instead of a sleeping pad to enhance your sleeping experience. When camping on hills or during colder seasons, using an air mattress with your cot will provide much-needed elevation and insulation that will come in handy. Again, the added advantage is that it can be inflated and compressed in a small bag, making it great for travel. So, using these methods, you’ll be able to experience the comfort of sleeping on your bed outdoors.

Take A Comfortable Pillow

Don’t compromise the of your head and neck on a pillow while on your camping trip. There are various types of pillows available on the market which are for camping trips. They are very similar to our conventional pillows at home but smaller and more portable. For example, you can go with inflatable pillows, which are comfortable enough and best for portability.

Use A Soft Sheet Of Cloth

A soft and light sheet of cloth can make a huge difference in your sleeping pattern, giving you a feeling similar to your home. No matter what material you sleep on, a sheet of clean cloth will give you a soft and cozy touch so that you get a night of sound sleep. You can even use it to cover yourself for further comfort when sleeping.

Camping Cot

Use Sleeping Bags

An air mattress or sleeping pad won’t be enough for insulation if you are camping in challenging weather conditions. During winter and in cold areas, you have to carry a sleeping bag with you to counter the weather conditions. The combination of the sleeping bag and a camping cot will offer you the best possible sleeping solution. You will get the required elevation from the ground, the comfort of a mattress, and proper insulation even against freezing temperatures. Plus, a sleeping bag will also keep you safe from bugs. On top of that, some sleeping bags come with a pillow, so you won’t have to take the hassle of buying one separately.  

Final Verdict

With that, we have finally reached the end of this discussion. While camping, it’s important that you wake up refreshed in the morning as it can change the whole experience of your trip. So, to make your camping cot comfortable, a few extra accessories can come in handy, even though they can add some extra weight. Hope you find the tips and tricks helpful and will apply them on your future expeditions to get homelike comfort from your camping cot.

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