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How Reflective Sunshade Can Help Keep Your Tent Cool?

Reflective Sunshade

As fun as summer camp is, nobody wants to stay outside and feel like they are slowly being barbecued. Facing the heat during summer is unavoidable, and it is unrealistic to think that you will get the same level of comfort and cooling as you would at your home when hiking through the woods. However, you can somewhat reduce the temperature inside your tent and keep it relatively cool using a reflective sunshade for your tent. But before you go out and buy one, there are a few topics that we need to discuss so that you can make the best possible decision when purchasing a reflective sunshade. 

You might be wondering, “what is a reflective sunshade?”. The name should be self-explanatory. But to put it simply, reflective sunshades are protective coverings that reflect the rays of the sun and help to keep the inside of your tent cooler. They work like a mirror as their surfaces are shiny. It helps to redirect the sun’s rays and prevent the tent from being directly exposed to the heat.

To get the most out of your reflective sunshade, you need to set it at a substantial height above your tent. Generally, it is a good idea to set the sunshade up at least 30 cm above the top of your tent. That way, plenty of air can pass between the sunshade and the top of your tent, which will help to keep your tent nice and cool during the summer. 

How To Keep A Tent Cool During The Summer?

Here is a general outline of how you can keep your tent cool while camping in the summer. 

  • Choose the right tent: To ensure that you are choosing the right tent, here are a few things that you should keep your eye on. First, check the material of your tent. Polyester is your best option as it is UV-resistant. You can also go for nylon as it is very breathable and allows for ample airflow. Second, see if your tent comes with mesh windows and a detachable rain fly. Next, try to go for a tent with a reflective surface as they are great at keeping the interior cool. And finally, the bigger the tent, the better it will be at circulating air.

  • Set your tent up in a shaded area: Even though this may seem very obvious, there are a few other things that you should know. The first thing that you should keep in mind is, shade is not static. That means the shade you get in the morning is likely to move away by the afternoon. So, your goal is to not only find a shaded area but rather a shaded area with good coverage.

  • Find an area with good air circulation: Another self-evident point. Instead of talking about finding a place with good air circulation, let’s instead talk about some of the things you should avoid. Before you set your tent up, check to see if the area has enough air circulation. Also, avoid setting up your tent near caves or hills as they can block the natural flow of air. Lastly, don’t make your tent in an area where the air is naturally warm as that will cause you to feel hot every time the air blows.

  • Find ways to keep yourself cool: If you are heading towards an area where you know there isn’t adequate air circulation to keep you cool, you need to find alternative ways to do so. A good idea is to carry a portable cooler or a battery-operated fan. You can use the ice from your cooler to help cool you off. But keep in mind that coolers are expensive and bulky, and there is a chance that the ice inside them can melt. If you don’t want to deal with that, we recommend you go for a battery-powered portable fan as they are much better suited for outdoor use. Additionally, if you want to avoid getting heatstroke, then carry extra towels with you so that when you are feeling too hot, a towel with cold water around your head can significantly help you.

  • Take down the tent after specific intervals: You should also practice taking your tent down after particular times during the day. That is because heat can get absorbed through the tent and can raise the overall interior temperature, just like the greenhouse effect. So, the best way to deal with this is to regularly take your tent down so that the interior does not heat up as much.

  • Use a reflective sunshade: And, of course, the most effective way to keep your tent clean and smelly during the summer is to use a reflective sunshade. The reason why reflective sunshades work so well is that they reflect the radiation from the sun instead of absorbing it. That is why the surface of reflective sunshades always stays relatively cool. We recommend you get the be cool solutions reflective aluminate sun shade cloth if you want our suggestion. However, if this seems too expensive, then you can also try using aluminum to cover the top of your tent. 
Reflective Sunshade

Do Reflective Sun Shades Make A Difference?

This is a very common question people ask all the time. Simply put, yes, reflective sunshades do make a difference. These sun shades are made from polyester with a layer of aluminum on one side. Aluminum is not only an excellent reflector of heat but can also prevent water and moisture from entering your tent as well. This aluminum layer is essential as the heat from the sun reflects off of it. 

However, given the price of reflective sunshades, it can be somewhat of a turn-off for people. Instead, if you want something relatively affordable, you can purchase cheap Mylar blankets and use them like a tarp over your tent. 

Advantages Of Using A Reflective Sunshade

There are quite a few advantages of using a reflective sunshade when you are out camping:

  • The first one is self-explanatory – it helps reflect the rays of the sun.
  • It keeps the interior of your tent cool.
  • It can be used as a shade.
  • Because of its reflective properties, it can be used to keep you warm at night.
  • It can be deployed anywhere.

By now, it should be obvious how important a reflective sunshade is for your tent. It’s essential camping gear for hot tropical regions. Plus, you can use these reflective sunshades for other purposes like keeping the interior of your car cool, protecting your plants from excessive heat, using them as a shade for your pets, etc. So, if you want to escape the sun and enjoy a nice relaxing day camping in your tent, then taking a reflective sunshade with you is a must. 

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