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15 Best Winter Camping Tips And Tricks To Keep Warm

Winter Camping Tips

Camping trips in winter can be very painful when you think about it, but is it actually that bad? Experienced campers never miss the opportunity of camping during the winter because they know how thrilling and adventurous it can be. With proper gear and preparation, winter camping trips can be a very memorable experience. However, surviving in cold weather with minimal gear can be tricky. So, to save the day, we’ll be discussing 15 amazing tips and tricks you need to know before going on a winter camping trip. 

15 Amazing Winter Camping Tips And Tricks

There are several ways to stay safe and warm while winter camping. Here are some amazing tips and tricks you can follow if you want to enjoy your winter camping to the fullest. 

Winter Camping Tips

1. Choose The Right Campsite

It doesn’t matter if you’re camping, hiking, or backpacking, the right campsite is imperative for an enjoyable experience. A campsite with rocks and trees can prevent the wind from directly hitting your tent. However, to prevent accidents, make sure there are no dead trees or branches above your tent. 

2. Use A Proper Four-Season Tent And A Tent Heater

As you’ll be camping in cold and windy weather, your regular tent won’t be enough to protect you from chill winds. In that case, a four-season tent or winter tent will be your last line of defense between you and the freezing temperature. A multi-layered thick tent will be your greatest ally during these trips. Another way of keeping the tent warm and comfy is by using a tent heater. There are different types of tent heaters such as propane, electric, and wood-fueled heaters. So, other than a multi-layered tent, you should also take a tent heater with you on your winter camping trip.

3. Choose The Right Sleeping Bag And Shake It Before Using It

The temperature rating of sleeping bags isn’t always accurate. As sleeping bags synchronize with your body temperature, you should get sleeping bags with a temperature rating of 10 degrees. And don’t forget to shake your sleeping bags properly before you use them. This will help to make your sleeping bags fluffy and full of air, which will make the sleeping bag trap your body temperature appropriately, ensuring the maximum amount of insulation.

Winter Camping Tips

4. Dress Yourself In Layers

Keeping yourself warm and dry is the key to enjoying a winter camping trip. You must regulate your body temperature to prevent yourself from getting sweaty or too cold. The best and most efficient way of doing that is to dress in multiple layers so that you can add or remove a layer without any hesitation. 

5. Properly Insulate Yourself From the Ground

As you need to keep yourself warm during the night, one of the worst ways of losing heat is to sleep on cold ground. Camping cots and sleeping pads come in handy in these kinds of situations. We highly recommend you use a sleeping cot as they keep you separated from the ground and provide you with a decent layer of insulation. Or as an alternative, you can also put a couple of sleeping pads underneath your sleeping bag.

6. Keep A Hot Water Bottle With You

A very easy way of staying warm in the cold weather is to boil water, pour it into a bottle, and keep it between your legs inside your sleeping bag. However, make sure that the temperature isn’t too high or unbearable. We recommend that you use lukewarm water. 

7. Put Your Hand Warmers Inside Your Sleeping Bag

Keeping a hot water bottle inside your sleeping bag is definitely a good idea while winter camping. However, boiling water can be troublesome during some situations, especially when it’s really cold. An alternative to that is to throw a few hand warmers inside your sleeping bag right before you go to sleep, that’ll work like magic. 

Winter Camping Tips

8. Manage Your Power And Use Lithium Batteries

Using alkaline or NiMh batteries may become a nuisance as they tend to die faster during winter. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, perform consistently better in cold weather while weighing less than alkaline or NiMh batteries. However, if your batteries die from the cold, then keeping them warm inside your sleeping bag can possibly jumpstart them. Also, keeping a power station that uses a lithium-ion battery is always beneficial in these conditions.

9. Don’t Tuck Your Head Inside Your Sleeping Bag

You might think that the warmth from your breath will help you stay comfortable in your sleeping bag. But that’s totally wrong. Your breath contains moisture and it starts condensing inside your sleeping bag, which makes your sleeping bag damp and can ruin its insulating factor. So, it’s better not to tuck your head inside your sleeping bag. 

10. Avoid Cotton

Experts say that cotton kills, but do you know why? Cotton clothes aren’t capable of wicking away your body moisture. Thus, it becomes a medium for bacteria. Hence, always leave your cotton clothes at your home and use polyester, merino wool, and other moisture-wicking clothing instead.

11. Consume More Calories

Having high calories will help your body stay warm. Keep your meals simple and easy to prepare. You can keep some high-calorie bars or snacks with you, as they help you instantly energize yourself.

12. Keep Your Electronics Safe From Cold

The most essential items are usually your electronics, and cold weather can easily damage these devices. To prevent that, you can buy a sleeping bag that’s a bit longer than necessary. That way you can keep your belongings safe and sound inside the sleeping bag without having to worry about them malfunctioning. 

Winter Camping Tips

13. Avoid Accidental Spills

Can you think of any situation that is worse than spilling liquid on your dry winter camping gear? We don’t think so. And as hydration is a necessity, always try to put liquids in a sealed container. Also, it is a good idea to use a straw to drink to prevent any accidental spills. Thus, keep your reusable straw near your liquids at all times. 

14. Don’t Hold Yourself From Urinating

Most people hold their urine during winter camping. But that will make you feel colder in the long run because your body needs to burn calories to keep the urine warm. Thus, stop holding yourself from urinating. And if you’re a female camper, consider using a urinating funnel as they’re very convenient to use in these situations. 

15. Remove Morning Frost From Your Tent

Last but not the least, remove any morning frost that may accumulate on your tent to prevent water vapor from condensing on your tent’s inner wall. Always keep a tent brush to sweep away those crystals before they melt. In case they do melt and make your tent wet, use the sunlight to dry off the moisture. 

Ending Thoughts

So, that was everything that you need to know about some of the most useful tips for winter camping. Camping in the winter can be challenging when you’re not prepared. With the above tips and tricks up your sleeves, we hope that you will be able to enjoy the perks of winter camping without putting yourself at any risk. 

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