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Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Review | Two-Person Tent

Naturehike Cloud Up 2

Your long hiking and backpacking adventure always requires a lightweight and reliable tent. To ensure those requirements for outdoor excursions, the Naturehike Cloud Up 2 comes into play. Naturehike- it’s a name that is well-known among outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, it’s an outdoor product and gear manufacturer that offers high-quality hiking, climbing, camping, and other sports equipment. They’ve been around since 2005, specializing in product research & development, design, and manufacture.

Naturehike believes, “those who can travel happily must be those who travel lightly.” And for all the solo hikers, backpackers, and people who like to shave off extra weight when they travel, Naturehike has an offering. And it is called Naturehike Cloud Up 2-Person Tent. Well, we have been using this lightweight backpacking tent for a long time. Hence, we will walk you through all the features, detailed specifications, and the process of this Naturehike Cloud Up 2-Person tent offer. 

Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Overview

First, as a backpacker, the weight of your tent is a highly significant aspect to take into consideration. That’s why Naturehike boasted a very lightweight construction. We opened the package and saw a footprint, a tent inner, a flysheet, interlocking tent poles, stakes, and guy lines.

We noticed the first thing about the Cloud Up 2 tent is how small and light it is when packed, weighing only about 3.9 pounds. It has a compact design and uses high-tech lightweight 20D nylon silicone material.

And because it has sheared off its weight the best way possible, its floor is thin. It has a durable but low denier floor. But Naturehike was clever and provided a solution -which is its footprint. It stays in between the forest floor and the tent floor, adding to durability and longevity. The footprint comes in a different pouch, and it will surely help extend the tent’s life.

The tent and its other accessories come in a thin and lightweight pouch. Interestingly, the color of the storage pouch matches the tent. The pouch has a nice carrying handle that makes it easy for you to carry. Moreover, the tent has the brand logo imprinted on it.

When we opened the pouch, we found the tent inner and the flysheet. The interlocking tent poles and the stakes are inside distinctive pouches with guy lines. The attention to detail is a nice touch they have made. You will find the Naturehike branding almost everywhere, including the pouches.

Naturehike Cloud Up 2

Product Information:

  • Sport: Backpacking, Camping, and Hiking, Mountaineering
  • Occupancy: 2 Person
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Waterproofing: Yes
  • Season: 4 Season
  • Item weight: 1.8 Kilograms
  • Colour: Forest Green-Upgraded(20D Nylon)
  • Pole material type: Aluminum

Setting Up The Tent

First of all, we made the footprint spread on the ground. It is a lightweight tent and not a square one. Hence we needed to be careful about its set-up direction. Then we set up its included 7001 aluminum poles that are the gold standard for hiking tents. The interlocking y-pole system is well constructed.

After setting up the poles, you will barely get wrong in setting up the rest, as the pitching process is pretty simple. Next, you need to clamp the inner clips to the poles of its assembled aluminum structure. Finally, you can put on the tent and fly over the frame. 

It’s a free-standing tent, which makes pitching the tent easy on hard or loose ground. Ours was hard ground. But with the stakes and guy lines, we made sure this lightweight tent was stagnant.


Coming down to its design and outlook, it has zippered doors with mesh panels so that bugs stay out even if the door is open. The mesh panel also offers superior ventilation keeping the air from getting into the tent.

It is a double-wall tent with an interlocking y-pole configuration. This structure is employed by some of the most established ultralight manufacturers and has proven to maintain acceptable 3-season stability. The interlocking poles give a single-pole crossing but save weight compared to a normal 2-pole design. However, the tent will have to be secured appropriately with guy lines if pitched in the wind, as it is vulnerable to side-on winds.

The tent inner is made from B3 ultralight, a highly breathable mesh to keep the bugs out. And in conjunction with its bathtub-design floor, you have a potent weight-saving combo. However, its footprint is essential since the floor’s lightweight material will be more prone to punctures and tears than regular tents.

It has a thin fabric design, but it provides adequate protection. Naturehike used reflective strips here and there so that it stays visible from far away. It is functional for two medium-sized people, which seems to be the norm with ultralight designs. There’s a lantern hook. There are mesh panels everywhere that make the whole tent interior amazingly breathable, yet it’s incredibly effective in keeping bugs away.

All in all, the Cloud Up 2-person tent is an exciting addition to the fast-and-light hiker’s arsenal. It will be great if you are a backpacker, a cyclist, or anyone looking for an affordable lightweight option. This tent might not be made for car camping or extreme weather, but it will provide reliable shelter in normal conditions while taking up minimal space and weight.

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