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Best Knife For Outdoor Survival Morakniv Companion S Knife Review

Morakniv Companion S Knife

Fixed-blade knives boast a unique appeal to many outdoor enthusiasts because they are designed for dozens of applications, including bushcraft, hunting, survival, combat, and many more. And talking about quality fixed-blade knives, Morakniv is a well-known name among hardcore outdoors people, survivalists, and bushcraft communities.

The first portion of Morakniv is MORA, and it’s a place located in Sweden. This place has had a long tradition of knife-making for more than 400 years. And Morakniv has been manufacturing high-quality knives since its inception in 1891. Proven to stand the test of time for these long years, they celebrated their 130th anniversary in 2021. And in this article, we are going to talk about the stainless-steel version of the Morakniv Companion knife that is proven, amazingly reliable, and an inexpensive option you can find right now.

Morakniv Companion S Knife

Product Information:

  • Brand: Morakniv
  • Model Name: FT02186
  • Special Feature: Manual
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Anthracite (Gray)
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 1 Inch
  • Item Weight: 0.36 Pounds

The Companion is one of the most popular knives Morakniv makes. As the name suggests, it will be your reliable companion whether you are an amateur or an experienced outdoor enthusiast.

Looking at the knife for the first time, we couldn’t but appreciate how beautiful this Swedish stainless steel looks! It has a reliable Sandvik 12C27 Swedish stainless steel as its blade material. It provides excellent edge performance with razor sharpness, a high hardness rating, exceptional toughness, and superior corrosion resistance. This stainless-steel blade stays sharp much longer than carbon steel and is less prone to rust. Even though it pleased our eyes when we had a look at it, it’s not going to look so shiny after you use it intensively.

This is a 4.1-inch-long and 2.5-millimeter-thick blade, which adds to its durability to make it capable of many tasks. Besides, the blade features a scandi grind, which leaves a lot of material behind the blade edge, making it even stronger and allowing you to accomplish your cutting chores comfortably.

This knife looks very simple because of its straightforward design. When you use it, you will know how effective this knife is. It’s a fixed-blade knife, and although it might seem like a full-tang knife, its tang runs three-quarters of the way up the knife. That’s not terrible at all. It has a soft friction grip handle made of TPE rubber, making the grip safer and steadier to work with. On top of that, its finger guard-like handle structure makes working with it safer and more secure.

Morakniv Companion S Knife

You can do all the cutting, batoning, and other bushcraft knife chores pretty easily using this knife. For instance, you can carve fresh tinder, create a feather stick, cut wood, prepare, and so on. Its edge will stay as it is, providing you with extreme cutting power and confidence. Its polymer knife sheath has a practical belt clip for easy attachment. You can attach it to your belt, or anywhere you find comfortable. It will securely stay in place and will be available for action anytime you need it.

Morakniv promotes this as a perfect all-around fixed-blade knife. You can use this knife in a huge variety of situations. Whether you are a hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or love survival and bushcraft, you’ll find this knife useful. Besides, this blade stays sharper for a longer period, and it’s easy to maintain.

After using it for about six months, we have nothing to complain about this knife. In case, we have to say something we disliked about this knife, it would be the plastic sheath. It’s not awful, but it could be a lot better. We believe it is acceptable at this price point. However, it is not fired steel compatible.

This knife has a straightforward design yet it’s amazingly durable. Besides, this is a popular knife; its abilities are proven and can come within your affordability. If you can maintain this knife, it will serve you for generations to come. By far you’ve got a pretty good idea about the well-liked stainless steel version of Morakniv Companion (S). Let us know what you think about this knife.

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