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Ayamaya Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net & Sunshade Review

Camping Hammock

Sometimes, hanging between the trees is way better than sleeping on your cold and hard tent floor. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, running, or spending quality time on your campsite, a hammock will complement your tent and add versatility to your overall camping experience. There are many camping hammock options in the market, but if you plan to buy one, you need to be more careful about the weight, packability, comfort, suspension system, and many more before you make a purchase.

In this article, we have put forth an excellent camping hammock option that you can consider as your next purchase, the Ayamaya camping hammock. It comes with a mosquito net & sunshade, which makes it different from other camping hammock options you can find.

The Ayamaya camping hammock has a three-in-one design and comes with a bug net and a sun shelter. It uses 210T parachute fabric material. When we had our hands on it for the first time, our impression was not that good because the fabric didn’t seem robust. But, soon, we realized that the manufacturer focused on making this hammock lightweight. Hence, parachute fabric is behind its construction. Everyone prefers a lightweight hammock. So cutting weight was substantial. Despite our first impression, we found this fabric to be very durable and breathable. It’s a two-person tent that has the capacity to hold 440 pounds without any hassle yet weighs only around 2.4 pounds.

Camping Hammock

Product Information:

  • Brand: Ayamaya
  • Item Weight: 19 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 440 Pounds

The hammock comes with two 118 Inches long straps with ten loops for length adjustment. These straps with daisy chains are of high quality, featuring a triple stitching design. Moreover, it comes in a nice zipper bag. However, remember to stay careful about the positions of the trees, not too close, not too far. The straps connect the hammock with two solid stainless steel carabiners. Besides, there are two essential features that we don’t usually get which make this hammock very special. One of them is a thick mosquito net or a bug net. Another one is a sun shelter.

The bug net is super helpful if your camp area has mosquitos or insects in abundance. That way, you can rest inside the hammock without any disturbance. On both sides of the hammock, there are two hoops or pop-up bars.

Therefore, the bug net has a steady structure without any possibility of getting messed up. And you can add ropes to extend the net away from your body if you want, as the net has loops around its hoop circle. It’s a neat feature. If you don’t want the netting around you, you can simply unzip it and put it aside, or you can draw out the pop-up bars, rotate the hammock 180°, and place the mosquito net in the bottom to use it as a normal tree hammock.

On the other hand, you can use its sun shelter to protect yourself from sunlight, tree leaves, and other elements. The pocket that is used to stuff the whole hammock it can also be used as a pocket for your keys, sunglasses, water bottles, books, and so on. Besides, there is another utility pocket inside the hammock.

This hammock features high-quality zippers. Whether you’re inside or outside, the zipper works smoothly from both sides. This camping hammock doesn’t have a separate carry bag. Pack the hammock, stuff it inside its pocket-like pouch, and use it as a carry bag. Overall the build quality of this hammock is great, and the three-in-one feature makes it a versatile option for camping. And after using it for a while, we absolutely admire the Ayamaya camping hammock with mosquito net & sunshade for its versatility, packability, portability, and convenience. If you have any queries about this camping hammock share them with us in the comment section below.

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