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Bestargot French Press Coffee Cup & Titanium Mug Review

Bestargot French Press Coffee Cup & Titanium Mug

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee to start a fine morning during camping? Well, everyone does! But making a fine cup of coffee is not a big deal unless you’re exploring the great outdoors. And if you don’t want to add much weight to your backpack, a titanium coffee cup and mug can be a great solution. While camping or exploring the great outdoors, if you complain about your heavy coffee pot, you can use this titanium coffee mug that will hold up to the rigors of backcountry life for sure. They offer amazing durability. Moreover, as these are made of Titanium, they are lightweight and amazingly portable.

For coffee making on the go, some people prefer French Press, especially if they are hiking, backpacking, or even camping. And, to help you prepare a French Press coffee without much hassle we have discussed a thorough review of the Bestargot French Press Coffee Cup and Titanium Mug in this article. From unboxing to detailed specifications to brewing a french press coffee in this mug, we have covered that all. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in.

What’s In The Box?

Before you head out to brew your first cup of french press coffee with the Bestargot Cup, know what is in the box. Although the cup and mug come in two separate boxes, they look pretty similar externally. In one box, we’ve got a titanium mug in a mesh pouch. And inside the pouch, there’s an insulation cup sleeve that is made from nylon. Finally, inside the insulation cup sleeve, you get the titanium mug or titanium pot- whatever you may call this. On the other box, we unwrapped another mesh pouch and found the French Press inside it. 

When you keep both the french press cup and the mug side by side, you can barely notice a difference in their height. Bestargot uses TA1 high-quality titanium alloy for its construction. This is a food-grade metal with no chemical coating on them, making it healthy and safe. Besides, they have a beautiful feel and finish.

Apart from the 0.5 millimeters thick pure titanium construction, the high-density French Press coffee filter is made of high-quality stainless steel. Thus, it weighs more than a titanium coffee mug. Besides, it has a hanging handle for a bonfire with two foldable handles. That way, you can easily hold it in your hand.

On the other hand, the titanium mug also has similar construction except for some minor differences that make it a mug instead of a French Press. Well, it does not have a French Press filter in it, which is why this is lightweight. Besides, the mug does not have any pouring spout like the French Press. But it comes with a thermal insulation cup holder made of 1000D Nylon CORDURA fabric. This holder has a thickened layer of aluminum on its inner side and a double-stitched seam making it durable, capable, and obviously, beautiful. It will stop the heat of the coffee cup from escaping so that you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee every time you sip.

It also has foldable handles to save space, a titanium cup lid with vent holes, and a hanging handle for bonfires. It will not rust or leave any metallic taste, keeping the natural flavor of the coffee.

Besides, there are markings on both of them for measurement. Despite having different weights, they have the same 750ml capacity. And they are high and low-temperature resistant as well. When you take both of these in your hand, you will notice how lightweight they really are! The French Press weighs only around 220 grams or 7.7 ounces, and the cup weighs less than that- only 132 grams or 4.7 ounces, which makes it amazingly portable.

Bestargot French Press Coffee Cup & Titanium Mug

Product Information:

  • Material: Titanium
  • Brand: Bestargot
  • Color: Titanium
  • Capacity: 750 Milliliters
  • Item Weight: 220 Grams

How To Use Bestargot French Press Coffee Kits?

First, fill the mug with water. Wait until it boils. Keeping it aside, put some coffee in the French Press cup by removing the filter. Carefully add that hot water you boiled to the mug. Now cover the cup with its lid and sit for about 3-4 minutes. Then, take the French Press’s lid with the filter, evenly put the lid, and press the French Press filter slowly and evenly. When the process is finished, put the filtered coffee into the titanium mug that you used to boil water. Now you can add sugar according to your preference to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

After brewing, they are easy to wash. And therefore, if you can maintain it, it will last for years, keeping the best quality as the first use.

The Bestargot French Press Coffee Cup & Titanium Mug is suitable for outdoor picnics and making coffee & tea. So, when you are camping, hiking, or backpacking in the great outdoors, use them to have an excellent barista-quality coffee with nature, free your mind, and refresh a new life.

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