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Tomus-UNI Magnetic Twin Rechargeable Hand Warmer Review

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

During winter, when it is bone-chilling cold outside and your fingers are frozen, hand warmers can and will save your day. Especially a rechargeable hand warmer is one of those items that you must have in your pocket while camping, glamping, or hiking during the winter season. 

We’ve been trying rechargeable hand warmers from different brands for the past few years.

Winter is here, and during this winter, we’ve been attempting the Tomus-UNI Magnetic Twin Rechargeable Hand Warmer on some of our camping, glamping, and backpacking trips and decided to share our thoughts in this article. 

Tomus-UNI Magnetic Twin Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Product Information:

  • Brand: Tomus-UNI
  • Color: Black, White, Blue, Army Green
  • Battery Capacity: 4000 Milliamp Hours
  • Adjustable Heating Levels: Yes


Right out of the box, we have got the Tomus-UNI Magnetic Twin Rechargeable Hand Warmer that comes with other accessories and a user manual, plus another little box. The little box consists of USB 2.0 to USB Type-B cables for the hand warmers and two paracords. A Type-C cable would be more convenient, but no worries as they’ve already included the cable. Thus, these are pretty much everything you would find inside the package. 


Coming to its construction, the front side of the Tomus-UNI Magnetic Twin Rechargeable Hand Warmer is made of aluminum. And this white portion is made of ABS plastic. Holding the hand warmers feel pretty solid and comfortable as it easily fits on your palm. Besides, both of these hand warmers have a strong magnet that keeps them together, and it will prevent them from getting lost. But how to turn it on? Simply press and hold this button, and it’s on.


When it comes to its functionalities, each hand warmer can easily give you the much-needed comfort from the frigid cold weather, thanks to its three different levels of heating. Simply click this button to alter the warmth. And this indicator will show you how hot it is. The first level ranges from 97 degrees to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, which increases up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit at the second level. The third level will deliver you up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and can stuff them into your side pockets for quick warmth.


As it comes to their batteries, both of these hand warmers boast a 4000-milliamp battery, which can be fully charged in just three and a half hours. When we plugged both of them into our power station, it showed a decent amount of charging speed. This little pebble-like hand warmer doubles as a power bank as well. Each hand warmer has an individual USB-Type B port, which can juice up half of your smartphone battery only in 30 minutes, making them perfect for casual trekking and hiking trips.

Keeping your hands warm and comfy is essential when you’re outside of your home. So that was our hands-on review of the Tomus-UNI Magnetic Twin Rechargeable Hand Warmer. Those are the key features of the Tomus-UNI Magnetic Twin Rechargeable Hand Warmer. All of the functionalities, versatility, and ease of use make them your perfect companion to stuff inside your pocket during any winter recreational trip.

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