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FLASHFISH E300 Portable Power Station Review

FLASHFISH E300 Portable Power Station

Did you ever think about going on an adventure in the wild without taking any power source with you? Seems pretty harsh, or maybe impossible right? As our life became more technology-oriented, with electricity being the power source of that technology, it is necessary that we have access to it.

So, when it comes to the best portable power stations to carry around while exploring the wilderness, you’ll need a reliable power source. Recently we got our hands on the FlashFish E300 portable power station and decided to make a hands-on review which we will talk about it in detail. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Our Thoughts On The FlashFish E300 Portable Power Station

Let’s start with what’s inside the box. First, we found some cables which include a car charger, a DC 12V output, and the FlashFish E300 Power Station along with a box containing the power brick to charge it up. 

Next, let’s check out its build quality. We found that the power station is well-built using durable plastic. Holding the power station feels very rugged, and the handle feels pretty strong. But the handle could have a better grip. Overall, the device seems unique as well as ergonomic when it comes to design and build quality. It is packed with a 330Wh 81000mAh lithium-ion battery while weighing less than 7 pounds. That’s a plus, especially when you consider its portability.

FLASHFISH E300 Portable Power Station

Now let’s check out the ports, shall we? On the front side of the power station, we can see the power delivery type-c output, which is able to deliver up to 45 watts of power. Next, we have two DC power outputs right below the type-c port. Right beside that, we have two quick-charge 3.0 rated ports and a 5-volt 2.4 amp USB output wrapping up the DC port section. On the AC side, we have two 110-volt outlets that are Pure Sine Wave certified. It means that you’ll get the perfect voltage for your device simultaneously without any interruption. 

When it comes to recharging the power station, you’ll get one DC input on the left side of the device. Also, its 45-watt power delivery port can be used as a power input option as well. And you have the opportunity to buy an external solar charging panel in case you want to be energy efficient.

FLASHFISH E300 Portable Power Station

As for its performance, this power station lets you charge up 9 of your devices simultaneously, making it a handy device for situations like power outages, camping, fishing, and RV trips. Not only that, its Pure Sine Wave technology lets you power up your mini-fridge, television, table fan, projector, or drone out in the woods. Its 45 watts power delivery type-c port lets you fast-charge your smartphones and MacBook without any issue as well. It has a LED light in the backside, which can also work as a reading light or an SOS signal in a trackless situation.

Having these features and heavy performance, there’s always a chance of overheating the device, but an internal cooling fan is present on the left side to prevent that. Apart from that, its BMS or battery management system allows it to maintain peak performance and prevents overcharging and over-discharging.

Therefore, the lifespan and performance of the battery are always optimal. This power station comes with 24 volts 3.8-ampere maximum car output on the right side, specially built for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) users. Any Airsense-10 compatible machine will be able to benefit from this battery pack. An LCD screen is present on the front side of the power station, showing you a quick overview of your device, battery, and power output in real time.

With so many features packed into such a compact and portable form factor, no wonder why so many people are such big fans of it. All in all, this little portable power station is packed with some serious power and can efficiently supply energy to meet all of your camping or RVing needs.

Offering hefty features and superb compatibility, this compact power station can be your all-time companion while exploring the great outdoors. Thus, the FlashFish E300 Portable Power Station gets a solid recommendation from us as it is easily one of the best portable power stations that we have tested.

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