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The North Face Terra 65 Backpacking Backpack Review

North Face Terra 65

When you hit the trail with nothing but a backpack – doesn’t it feel liberating? You can leave everything behind and take only the basic necessities for survival. It will help you to gain a perspective on what’s most important in life and what’s not! Backpacks are essential for campers, hikers, and travelers because it frees them from carrying items in their hands.

A good backpack provides the perfect balance between capacity and weight – which is very important for camping or hiking. No matter how rough the weather is – a heavy-duty backpack will always protect your belongings from getting damaged by extreme sunlight to heavy rain. 

Picking a decent backpack can be challenging as there are many options to choose from. Depending on your need, the backpack needs to tick a few checkboxes such as durability, compartment management, waterproofing, comfort, safety, weight distribution, etc. Considering all of these aspects, we believe that the North Face Terra 65 would be the best choice. We have come up with a brief review of this backpack so that you know all of the ins and outs of it.

Features of North Face Terra 65 Backpack

North Face Terra 65

Product Specification:

  • ACTIVITY: Hiking
  • GENDER: Unisex
  • DIMENSIONS: S/M – 23.6″ x 13.4″ x 10.6″ (60 cm x 34 cm x 27 cm) / L/XL – 24.8″ x 13.4″ x 10.6″ (63 cm x 34 cm x 27 cm)
  • MATERIAL: Body 210D nylon / boot 600D polyester
  • AVERAGE WEIGHT: S/M – 4 lbs 1 oz (1843 g) / L/XL – 4 lbs 5 oz (1956 g)VOLUME: 3967 in³ (65 liters)

A few years back, North Face launched the Terra 65. And gradually it became a very popular backpack due to its excellent features and reasonable price point. So, let’s find out more about this backpack and see if it lives up to the prestige set by North Face. 


The Terra 65 is a hiking backpack, so it’s large enough to carry most of your items during trekking. It’s a simple backpack with a clean look. It comes in different sizes, so you can get the perfect one that meets your needs. There are plenty of pockets on the backpack, and you’ll find them convenient and easy to access.

This backpack has 7 compartments with 2 slide-in pockets to store your items. Front pockets are also great for carrying rain gear and maps. The upper compartment has a usual top lid and 2 extra entrance points with vertically long zippers. The bottom part of this bag is separated from the main compartments using a simple divider. You can easily slide in small knick-knacks inside this bottom compartment. 

The major compartments are spacious enough to store your clothing and electronic items. The compression straps are very useful to carry folded items like sleeping pads. On the bottom, there are attachment loops to carry walking poles, ice picks, etc. 


A high-quality backpack will help you to enjoy a comfortable and safe journey and the Terra 65 does justice to this statement – so, hopefully, you won’t have to face any problems while carrying it. On the back panel, the Terra 65 has ample padding to give you a comfortable backpack-carrying experience. This backpack has decent ventilation and adequate breathability with a body-contouring shape.

The shoulder straps are well-padded and ergonomically shaped to prevent chafing in the underarms or inside of the shoulder. However, the hip belt doesn’t curve over the hip bones as other packs do. Overall, you can carry this backpack around your shoulders for hours quite comfortably.


The Terra 65 has an OptiFit suspension system, which is designed to provide comfort as much as possible with adjustable straps. Before you start hiking, you can adjust the torso length to make sure it fits you. Otherwise, without proper fitting, you will feel the entire weight of the backpack on your shoulder which can cause you to have an unpleasant journey. Additionally, if you keep the straps too loose, then there is a chance that the backpack will slow you down.

This system lets you keep the pack steady on your back. It also gives you stability and support. The Terra 65 has great ventilation on the back panel that lets you adjust the suspension without sacrificing airflow. With light to medium loads, the pack stays stable as long as you fit it correctly and keep it close to your body.

North Face Terra 65


The North Face Terra 65 isn’t the lightest backpack you can buy. That is our only criticism of it. It weighs around 1.9 kg and can carry 61-70 liters. With the new updated models, this backpack became a long-time favorite for most camping and trekking lovers. It doesn’t even try to compete with lighter backpacks. Instead, it tries to be a comfortable backpack that is equally strong and durable. 


The North Face Terra 65 is labeled as a hiking backpack, which means it has been designed to manage large and heavy loads. It’s built with special materials that make it more resistant to scratches. The bag is made in such a way that will enhance the wearer’s backpack-carrying experience pleasant. It comes with a suspension system that gives the wearer support and helps to distribute the weight around their body. It’s perfect for people who want a heavy-duty backpack that will last a long time.


We have mentioned earlier that North Face is a highly respected name in the backpack, footwear, and outdoor gear industry. And since it is a prestigious brand, you can expect to pay a premium price for it. However, we can assure you that, once you get this item and start using it, you will be more than happy about the decision.

For this price range, you won’t find a better backpack than North Face Terra 65 which provides great suspension, weight distribution, and comfort. However, this backpack is very versatile. You can use it for weekend backpacking trips, traveling, or as a bag for an overnight stay.

The North Face Terra 65 has just the right amount of storage and features to help you to keep your gear organized without making it a complicated task for you. Also, it’s made from a very comfortable and durable material, which makes it both easy to carry and long-lasting. So, if you want to buy a great all-around backpack for a reasonable price, the North Face Terra 65 is a good choice.

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