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How To Choose A Backpacking Tent?

Backpacking Tent

Tents are essential because they provide shelter. It will be your home away from home. If you can choose carefully, a backpacking tent can make a huge difference in your backpacking adventure. It’s a fundamental item to add to your backpacking kit.

But how will you decide which is the best one for you from a myriad of options available out there? Well, that depends on a few factors. And to select the right one, you need to do a healthy amount of research.

And to make the process of choosing easy for you, we’ve listed out some essential aspects of how you can choose your backpacking tent.

What Aspects To Consider While Choosing A Backpacking Tent?

Backpacking tents come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. So, when you choose a backpacking tent for yourself, you need to consider some key attributes. Because other than comfort, things like packed size, weight, and other practical features are crucial. Let’s look at some significant aspects that you need to think about before making a purchase.

  • Capacity

Based on capacity, there are several categories for backpacking tents. Backpacking tents are generally for one to four persons (1-4 Person Tent). Two- and three-person tents are the most common ones. And the most popular ones are the two-person tents. If you are alone, consider a single-person tent. If you are a big person with a pet, consider choosing a two or three-person tent.

  • Type of Use

Now think about the type of backpacking trip you’ll be undertaking. If it’s a casual backpacking trip, you might be planning to cover short distances- like a weekend trip. If this is the case, a tent that includes a reasonable price point might be the perfect one. Consider one that has easy setup procedures with all-around livability.

And as your trips get longer, you need to consider weight, packability, etcetera, and prioritize them. Whichever type of trip you do, make sure your tent matches your style.

  • Design

When it comes to design, you need to keep many things in mind.

First of all, see if it’s a freestanding tent, especially if you’re looking for an ultralight option. The body of a freestanding tent stays upright if you connect its poles. Non-freestanding tents require you to stake out their corners. Typically, freestanding tents are easier to set up. However, you can also find some “semi-freestanding” tents.

Then you might consider the number of doors in your tent. If you’re with your partner, a tent with two doors might be well-suited for you.

The next is having a footprint. Tents that come with footprints have tough, high-denier floors for added protection from the ground. However, having a footprint can add weight to the tent.

If you are looking for extra protection from rain and bugs, a double-wall tent might be perfect for you.

Apart from interior pockets for storage, ventilation is another thing that’s important for a backpacking tent, and you need to consider the design of the tent stakes, guy lines, and pole design.

  • Seasonality

For backpacking, two of the most important tent categories are two-season and three-season tents. The worst weather scenario won’t be a common phenomenon for every trip. Hence, a three-season tent is just perfect, and the majority of the tents in the market are three-season tents. They’ll keep you safe and dry, and most people choose them.

  • Weight & Packed Size

You’ll be carrying your tent with you all along your trip. So, the weight will matter! But remember that for a lightweight tent, there are some compromises. You might trade off some things like space, comfort, durability, protection, cost, etcetera if you prefer a super-lightweight tent.

  • Livability

It essentially means, when you live inside your tent, whether you enjoy the time or not. Backpacking tents are usually compact, with minimal floor space and hardly any headroom. So, do consider things like floor area, peak height, wall shape, etcetera!

  • Affordability

Finally, an excellent point to think about, and it’s the price of a backpacking tent. Well, some people need the features, and the cost is something that comes later. But if you are someone on a budget, there might be some trade-offs like weight, durability, etcetera. If you want to pack down small and look for a long-time investment, you would have to spend more.

Final Verdict

A backpacking tent has to be functional, well-designed, and, most importantly- lightweight. So you need to think about many aspects before making a purchase. But keep in mind that weight is always crucial for a backpacking tent while you are planning for outdoor trips.

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