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Canvas Tents Vs Nylon Tents | Which One to Pick?

Canvas Tents vs Nylon Tents

Tents nowadays come in various shapes, sizes, and fabrics to make them more convenient for campers in all types of environments. If you are planning to go car camping or backpacking, you might be wondering which tent to choose. Well, your tent’s size, color, and shape can be selected according to your preference and requirements. However, you should choose the fabric of your tent wisely as it can determine your overall camping experience. 

Though hemp was the primary material used to make tents in the past, the most popular categories today include nylon and canvas tents. Choosing either of them will involve a certain level of compromise. Here is a brief discussion on both types of tents so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Canvas Tents

Canvas tents are also known as cotton tents. As the name suggests, they are made out of traditional natural cotton. Before introducing artificial fabrics, canvas tents were the most popular because of their high functionality and heavy-duty performance. Despite their high price, they are considered the ideal choice for camping out in the wild.

When it comes to durability, canvas tents are hands down the best. They are made from high-quality natural fabric that lasts longer than any other alternative. You don’t need to worry about minor damages as they are rip-resistant and easily repairable. In addition to that, they can endure UV rays and do not deteriorate in the sun.

Moreover, professionals and the military use this type of tent to survive in extreme outdoor conditions. Once set up, they stand firm against wind and rain with the support of steel stakes. A canvas tent is a much safer option than a nylon tent as it is more water-resistant and does not catch fire easily. Plus, better breathability and less heat conductivity boost its efficiency and give it an edge over its competition. 

However, it can be difficult to carry as it is made from cotton. Furthermore, it may be troublesome to set up and take down because of its robust components. Lastly, canvas tents tend to be very expensive despite the value it offers.

Canvas Tents vs Nylon Tents
Canvas Tents

Nylon Tents

Nylon is a synthetic material used to make clothing and consumer products. It is a very lightweight fabric with decent durability and elasticity. They come in a variety of different shapes and colors and are also quite affordable as well. The cheap price tag of nylon tents has opened the door to camping for the vast majority.

The nylon tents are much lighter than canvas tents, making them very convenient to carry. For the same reason, they are easy to set up and take down for a solo traveler. However, as it is very lightweight, they fall behind in strength. As a result, they can become quite unstable due to rough usage, strong winds, and rain.

Furthermore, although they come with eye-catching designs and colors, they lag behind in durability as nylon itself is an easily rippable fabric. Plus, they do not provide adequate protection against UV rays. Therefore, they continuously degrade under the hot sun. Additionally, in case of any damage to these tents, it is tough to make repairs. So, any type of cut on your tent with a sharp object may end your entire camping trip.

Despite being water-resistant, nylon tents are vulnerable to leaks too. And as they are made using chemicals, they catch fire quickly, which puts a question mark on their safety. In addition, they are not the right choice for dealing with condensation and heat. Additionally, you can also experience some annoying chemical smells too if you’re unlucky. So, it can be very uncomfortable to be inside a nylon tent in extreme environments. Lastly, as they don’t degrade, they pollute the environment when you throw them away.

Canvas Tents vs Nylon Tents
Nylon Tents

Some Quick Comparisons Of Canvas Tents Vs Nylon Tents

AttributeNylon TentsCanvas Tents
WeightLightweightWeighs a lot
BreathabilityLess BreathableMore Breathable
Heat EfficiencyHeats up quicklyKeeps Cool
Set Up DifficultyEasy SetupTough to set up

Final Verdict

To wrap up, both nylon and canvas tents have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. While canvas tents outperform all the alternatives in durability, nylon tents offer you the best pricing. So, which one should you choose? That depends on your requirements and usage. If you are looking for durability, safety, and comfort in your tent, you can go for a canvas tent. On the other hand, if a lightweight, attractive outlook, and a cheaper price tag are your main priority, then a nylon tent might be your best choice.

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