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Sleep In Camping Tent | What Should You Wear?

Sleep In Camping

Going camping does not mean that you have to say goodbye to the comfort of sleeping at night. Getting a good night’s sleep during camping is very important if you want to wake up early and make the most out of your day. Many first-time campers don’t know what clothes to wear when sleeping at night. Generally speaking, clean and comfortable clothes should be worn while sleeping at the campsite.

If you feel cold, you should sleep in warm clothes, socks, and a  head covering. But for summer camping, you should be able to sleep well after wearing light clothes like shorts and a t-shirt. You should not wear excessive clothing as the sleeping bag’s insulation system is made to retain heat. In today’s post, we will know what kind of clothes you should wear during camping and why.

Clothes To Wear When Sleep In Camping Tent

Your camping clothes depend on which place and season you are camping in. For example, if you are camping in the mountains or in the desert where the weather gets pretty cold at night, then you may have to wear warm clothes if you are expecting to get a good sleep.

Sleep In Camping

Use Versatile Clothing

You should not bring too many warm clothes to the campsite as they are cumbersome. Since you are carrying everything on your back, it is better not to carry extra items with you. Only select the camping clothes that you can wear both day and night. It will give you relief from carrying a heavy backpack. 

Wear Soothing Warm Clothes

Whether you are camping or at home – everyone feels comfortable sleeping in their pajamas, underwear, shorts, or sweatpants. Many people also feel comfortable sleeping in their T-shirts. However, if you feel cold at night, it is better to put on another layer of clothes. If you are camping in cold weather, it is wise to sleep in clothes you have set out for the next day. This way, you will have a warm and beautiful sleep at night.

Hopefully, your current sleeping bags are light and capable of providing an adequate amount of warmth. So, if you take a sleeping bag to the campsite, you don’t have to worry about sleeping on the cold hard ground at night.

Clean Clothes Are A Must

After a long hectic day at camp, you should not spend the night in sweaty clothes. This can lead to various issues such as body rashes, and you may get sick, which may ruin your camping trip. Also, wet clothes create a stuffy environment in your tent, which is quite unhealthy. So, try to take a light shower before going to bed at night (if possible), then go to bed wearing clean dry clothes. 

No Excessive Clothing

A sleeping bag keeps you warm at night by trapping your body heat, so comfy clothes are a must. So, it’s better not to overdress yourself. Maintain a bit of gap between the sleeping bag and your body for proper airflow. If you feel sweaty due to congestion, unzipping a little bit of the sleeping bag can provide some relief.  

Clothes On Or Off?

Your sleeping bag is meant to keep you warm. However, it works better with an added layer of clothing on your body. Every layer you put on will help you stay warm on colder nights. On the other hand, it’s better to get rid of your sleepwear during summer because you might sweat inside the sleeping bag, which may cause excessive moisture formation. 

It’s not good to sleep naked in a sleeping bag because after sleeping all night, your sweat and body oil will stick to it. This will require washing it, again and again, to clean it properly. Doing so will reduce the lifespan of your sleeping bag.

What Should You Wear In A Summer Camping Tent?

It would be best to choose clothes that keep your body cool for summer camping nights. The humidity and temperature can increase on a hot summer night, so sweating is normal. Sweat originates from warm and heavy clothes. That’s why you should wear dry and breathable clothes so that your body stays dry, fresh, and cool. If the temperature is too hot, you can sleep in your sweatpants, shorts, or underwear. And if it’s a little cold, it’s best to go to bed at night wearing a full sleeve shirt.

Sleep In Camping

Usual Sleepwear

We feel more comfortable sleeping in familiar surroundings than in strange ones. It’s purely psychological. So, to give comfort to your body and mind, you can sleep wearing the clothes that you normally would at home. 

Woolen Sleepwear

Wearing clothing made from smart wool keeps you warm and comfortable at night. Due to its air-gap facility, it has a better ventilation system than other clothes, and you can stay fresh. In addition, it can adapt to the surrounding temperature, so you will be warm on cold nights and cool on hot summer nights. 

What Should You Wear In Spring Camping Tent? 

Camping in cold weather feels more exciting and adventurous. But it requires heavy clothing. Unlike summer, now you want to preserve your body heat rather than release it. If you wish, you can also take a woolen blanket with you. These are light and easy to carry in a backpack, while they also provide enough heat to prevent you from feeling cold.

Sleep In Camping

Thermal Underwear

Thermal clothes are very effective in keeping you warm during cold weather conditions. That is because the fabric of thermal clothes is made to store your body temperature. It’s also moisture-wicking, so it can suck up the exudation from your body and thus, you can stay dry and fresh. 

Caps & Socks

Camping on the wetland in winter can freeze your hands and feet in the cold. Since our hands, feet, and heads emit more heat, we should cover these areas primarily. Keep the sleeping bag firmly attached to your head. However, keep your nose open, otherwise, your breathing will be obstructed. Try using a neckerchief and ear cap, these will keep your face bug-free and protect your ear from the cold.  

Wrapping Up

The motto of camping is leaving behind your daily life and spending some time in nature where there is a touch of adventure. But you should not compromise the need for a good night’s sleep. We have seen that a lack of proper sleep at night can cause a feeling of exhaustion in the body throughout the day, and it’s likely that your mood will become irritable.

You need to have a comfortable sleeping arrangement in your camping tent to avoid these unwanted issues. If your clothes can properly manage your body temperature while you sleep, you will feel rested and relaxed in the morning. Overall, you should dress appropriately according to the weather. However, make sure to keep your clothes dry and clean. That way, you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest. 

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