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EVERFUN Saving Space Toiletry Bag Review

EVERFUN Saving Space Toiletry Bag Review

Planning a successful trip should always start with efficiently packing your essentials. Even if you’re done with organizing your suitcase, there’s one thing that many individuals forget but is a travel essential. We are referring to toiletry bags. Toiletry bags are pretty beneficial especially if you don’t want to get to your destination only to discover that you didn’t pack a toothbrush or find your body wash spilled all over the luggage.

So, how do you like to pack your toiletries while traveling? Do you stuff them all inside a plastic bag? Or do you just throw them in your travel weekend bag at random? Well, maybe it’s time for you to invest in a nice toiletry bag to make sure everything stays organized while packing. A toiletry bag is a smart purchase that makes packing for vacation and transporting your oral hygiene essentials, hair essentials, creams, and other items much simpler. These bags come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, and prices.

Whether you’re traveling, going on a camping trip, or even the gym, the EVERFUN Toiletry Bag lets you pack more items in a smarter and more compact fashion. It’s a perfect portable handy bag that does not take up space in your suitcase. 

EVERFUN Toiletry Bag Review

The EVERFUN Toiletry Bag comes in different patterns and colors including black, pink, and pink peony, to meet your different preferences. Let’s discover all the details about this bag so you can make a complete purchase decision.


Compartments: 4

Product Dimension: 9 x 4.5 x 12 inches

Closure System: Metal Zipper System

Anti-Fog Inner: Yes

Water-resistant: Yes

Design and Capacity

The unique three-layer storage design keeps all your things in good order. You can easily classify both large and small items, like full-sized toiletries, skin products, makeup tools, exquisite jewelry & cosmetics.

With a larger zipper seam and dimensions of 12 by 9 by 4.5 inches, this toiletry bag can be stuffed to the brim with toiletries without bursting at the seams. The bag also features elastic bands to secure bottles of different heights and make sure they don’t move and crush each other. The fully open transparent design enables you to locate your possessions with a full-view look. For more convenience, it comes with a 360°mental hang hook so you can hang it anywhere without taking up any counter space.

Toiletry Bag

Water-Resistant and Leak Proof

Isn’t that annoying when a single wet cloth or towel dampens the inside of your main luggage?

Well, this toiletry bag allows you to pack your wet towel into its waterproof and leak-proof compartment without damping other stuff. Its first and last compartments are water-resistant and leak-proof so it’s well-protected and more hygienic. These two compartments are designed to improve hygiene and allow for sufficient moisture separation in regular use. Your toothbrush and towel can be stowed after use without damping other stuff.


This EVERFUN Toiletry Bag features 4 main compartments including 12 pouches classified for different types of products. There are two wide pockets, and four mesh pockets great for makeup tools or skincare products. You can accommodate stuff in the front area of the bag. 

The elastic bands inside make it simple to fit full-size shampoo bottles into the spacious, fully opened-compartment. A particularly roomy outer compartment is made to accommodate big makeup palettes and masks. 


Easy Access and Zipping

Compared to horizontal openings, this bag has a full opening, making it easier to fill items on the bag. This bag has a two-way high-quality metal zipper closing that gives you easy access.

Moreover, it comes with a considerably larger zipper seam that can boost packing capacity even when this toiletry bag is stuffed to the brim with toiletries and yet successfully zip close without seeming bulky.

Multipurpose Bag

Whether you’re a woman, girl, traveler, heavy packer, or makeup junkie the EVERFUN Toiletry Bag is for everyone. So, it’s versatile enough for travel, hotels, and the gym, and it has a larger size to store all of your last-minute necessities and be carried around. 

This toiletry bag accommodates the vast majority of items like toothpaste, toothbrush, facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, perfume, hair comb, personal care, jewelry, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Toiletry Bag
Toiletry Bag

Wrapping Up

The EVERFUN Toiletry Bag is made with strong, water-resistant fabric, so you can easily bring this to your outdoor ventures. It comes with a water-resistant exterior, a well-made transparent inside that is easy to clean out with a wipe, and an anti-fog interior that stays clear and won’t fog up like others. No matter where you’re traveling, this portable toiletry bag should be a must-have item in your luggage.

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