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Why Are Fjällräven Kanken Backpacks So Popular?

Fjällräven Kanken Backpacks

Almost everyone has their favorite brand of clothing, backpacks, shoes, phones, sunglasses, and just about everything else. With that, you can find many outdoor brands are becoming famous overnight nowadays, solely because of celebrity endorsements or for being a one-shot type of brand, while others have a loyal consumer base and a well-deserved reputation.

However, unlike other brands, the Fjällräven (fee-al-raven) has become one famous outdoor brand, with their product quality, performance, and sheer commitment to the betterment of mother nature. They have a classic backpack named Kanken. In this article, we are going to find the reasons why Kanken Backpacks are so popular.

Born from passion and created for necessity, Fjällräven has produced some of the most iconic backpacks since 1978. Fjällräven started as a venture to provide better backpack options than those available at the time. The boxy shape and vibrant color of these Kanken Backpacks make them instantly identifiable among rival backpacks. And what makes this backpack so unique, you may ask? Without further delaying, let’s explore the reasons why Fjällräven Kanken backpacks are so popular.

About Fjällräven

According to Fjällräven, it’s a company that makes outdoor clothing and equipment that are functional, durable, and timeless. This brand started its journey in 1960 in the small town of Örnsköldsvik in Sweden, a place where mountains and forests meet the sea. Fjällräven began their venture intending to provide better backpacks than what was available at that time. It was originally an outdoor gear company.

Åke Nordin, the founder of Fjällräven, was striving for a backpack that would bring ease to carry heavy loads and provide efficient support while outdoors. But after failing to find one, he decided to design one himself. That’s how the brand stepped into a world of serving consumer needs. And over time, they expanded their range of products from manufacturing backpacks to clothes and other accessories specializing in the outdoors.

What sets Fjällräven apart from other outdoor brands is its utmost respect for the environment. Since the beginning, the brand is genuinely committed to making nature more accessible.
According to the company, this is what they do:

● Develop functional, durable, and timeless outdoor gear
● Act responsibly towards nature, animals, and people
● Inspire and develop an interest in outdoor life

Fjällräven Kanken Backpacks
Source: Fjällräven

Sustainable Culture of Fjällräven

Despite being an outdoor clothing and equipment brand, Fjällräven focuses more on creating a sustainable practice for nature. This brand develops and produces its products on nature’s terms. This is one of the most prominent value propositions of Fjällräven. But how?!

Well, with the use of sustainable materials that last long and function properly with a low impact on nature. We’ll come to the “MATERIAL” part in a bit. However, they also make sure their production is always sustainable, which is good for their partners, workers, and the environment, and ultimately suitable for themselves.

Materials & Products

Fjällräven uses materials of animal origin – such as wool, down, and leather. No synthetic and human-made material can offer the same functionality. However, the brand never supports the mistreatment of animals or methods that hurt or cause undue suffering.

They use a unique reinforcement fabric called “Corylon,” which is made from recycled materials. Besides, they use “Tencel,” which is soft, tactile, and has outstanding water-absorbing properties. For backpacks, they use “Vinolyn F,” and there are more!
Kanken Backpacks:
Now let’s talk about their famous backpack. The founder of Fjällräven Kånken, Åke Nordin (Åke Nordin: The Founder), desired to create a simple pack that could hold his gear while sitting comfortably on his back. Because he found out that schoolchildren were experiencing back problems from carrying their books in shoulder bags, so he collaborated with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association.

He built a simple, two-strap bag around two A4 binders with a long zipper, handles, and a front pocket.
And thus, Kånken was created in 1978 to help prevent back problems among Swedish school children. However, it quickly became a common sight at preschools and nature schools throughout the country.

Why are They so Popular?

Well, there are so many reasons why this backpack has been so popular since it was first introduced.
The simplicity of the Kanken backpack is a huge part of its appeal. Design-wise, this backpack has mainly remained the same since 1978! Soon after its introduction, it quickly became the standard, the practical choice among young Swedes, schoolchildren, and even the people of the Swedish art society.
These packs are classic, straightforward, and one of the best-looking packs for schools from a design perspective.

Besides, Kanken’s box-shaped structure, oversized handle, and bright color create a statement piece for any outdoor enthusiast. Moreover, you can get this backpack in pretty much any color you can think of, so it’s easy for everyone to pick up a Kanken that fits their preferences. And elemental beauty like their embroidery, patches, or pins invite the wearer to make it their own.

On top of that, the captivating and unique backpacks of Fjällräven gained a large audience on social media, particularly for those who are fond of portraying an eye-catchy and aesthetic Instagram feed. Due to its reliably sourced material, users can customize, draw and embroider their Fjällräven Kånken to meet their satisfaction. People are using this backpack as a means of self-expression. That is why Fjällräven Kånken is also trending on social media.

This classic Fjällräven Kanken is a staple school backpack, but it is equally suited to trekking and traveling. It is made of lightweight Vinylon F fabric that can withstand dirt and wetness. Its spacious main compartment has a large opening with a zip with two flat side pockets and a zipped pocket on the front, perfect for those bits and bobs that you want to keep close at hand.

Its carrying system is simple but practical and consists of handles at the top and slender, adjustable shoulder straps. Its PE foam seat cushion prevents the contents of the backpack from poking against your back. Now Kånken has straightened millions of backs across the globe and has become one of Fjällräven’s most beloved products.

More than 40 years later, it’s not easy to find out all the reasons behind the sheer popularity of this backpack. But, from a sustainability point of view, the most important thing you can do is make sure the product you develop lasts as long as possible. And Kanken has proven itself to be a sustainable product. There is history, and there are memories woven into its design.

To cut a long story short, Fjällräven is a brand with modern, stylish, minimalistic designs for its products. And their Kanken backpacks might not be the most versatile ones available out there; they are an excellent example of functionality and simplicity.

Above all, this Swedish brand Fjällräven is well-known for its sleek, minimalistic designs. They ensure to deliver of products that last long and perform well in any outdoor adventures. And, their Kanken backpacks are not an exception. Now you know why Fjällräven Kanken backpacks are so popular.

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