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AYAMAYA Hammock Underquilt And Topquilt Review

AYAMAYA Hammock Underquilt and Top Quilt review

Lying simply on hammocks can be sufficient for summer camping. But during winter, a hammock alone can’t save you from a cold burst of wind and chilly weather. If you prefer hammock camping all the time, it would only take a frigid night to realize that a little extra cushioning and insulation could provide much comfort. So, to double up the comfort of your hammock camping, a hammock under a quilt can be an ideal solution to prevent the cold breeze from reaching your body. Plus, it will trap your body heat. Besides, a hammock top quilt will act as a blanket and provide the necessary warmth like a sleeping bag.

In this article, we will walk you through some features and benefits of under quilts and top quilts from AYAMAYA. In fact, they are almost the same but two different types one is more like a blanket. We have discussed a lot more about them in the next sections starting from the material to how you can set them up and carry them with you.


Underquilt Product Information:

  • Brand: Ayamaya
  • Material: 20D Shell + 300T Linning + 300g Polyester Filling
  • Color: Army Green (250x130cm – for Single Hammock)
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 98 x 51 x 26 inches
  • Maximum Weight: 250 Kilograms


The shell of both the hammock under the quilt and the top quilt is crafted from 20 Denier ripstop nylon with a durable water-repellent coating. As a result, they become incredibly comfy, water-resistant, and ideal to be used in almost all-weather conditions for a prolonged period. These camping gears are outstanding because they contain soft 300T polyester pongee lining and silk floss filling, making them cozy and appropriate for winter use.


Well, both under-the-quilt and top-quilt hammocks are available in two different designs. One under quilt is for a double hammock, and another one is for a single hammock. On the other hand, the hammock top quilt features sealed, and unsealed versions, one of them has a closed bottom part for a snug fit, and another one is, in fact, a blanket. After getting inside the sealed top quilt, we notice that it keeps our feet close to each other and gives a snug and comfortable fit, while the blanket offers more space for your legs to move freely. Both of them are great.


Topquilt Product Information:

  • Brand: Ayamaya
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Grey
  • Item Weight: 1.5 Kilograms


Setting up the hammock under the quilt and the top quilt was easy. We used the connector to fix it to the hammock and utilize its elastic straps and carabiners to make a good wrap underneath our hammock that doesn’t lose its grip. It’s that simple. For our double hammock, we used the double under the quilt. So, for a single hammock, the smaller one is a perfect fit.

And the top quilt seemingly has a design that closely resembles a sleeping bag. It’s large enough to fit a tall person inside. The bottom portion of that topquilt was sealed. And for the non-sealed part, we used snap closures and hooks when someone needed to get inside of it. And for the top position, there’s a drawstring mechanism and an integrated snap closure and neck closure for a more precise fit. Besides, there is another topquilt option, which one can use as a blanket if someone prefers more freedom in terms of their leg movement.


When it’s about the portability of a hammock underquilt or topquilt, a compact design is something you need to keep in mind. This type of hammock camping gear is super portable and is easy to set up. 

We have tried many underquilts and topquilts but found none as easy to maintain as this pair. Both products come with storage bags or stuff sacks, which are made of premium quality materials. They are amazingly durable. We were able to stash these pieces of camping equipment inside these bags quickly and easily. There’s a dedicated strap for carrying, and you can also attach the stuff sack to your backpack if you use carabiners.

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