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Plug & Go Multi Tools Review: Carry Less, Do More

Multi Tools

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will understand how important it is to pack light. Whether you are planning a solo fishing trip or a weekend family camping trip, you need to make sure that you have everything to make it safe, comfortable, and fun. At the same time, carrying too much stuff will slow you down, drain your energy, and ruin your outdoor experience.

A multi-tool can be a lifesaver in this case. They combine several essential tools together in a compact yet highly functional design. So far, the most common multi-tools have focused on survival components, such as pocket knives, pliers, can openers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, etc. 

However, we have stumbled upon a whole new type of multi-tool – Plug & Go. While showing off an amazingly compact design, Plug & Go Multi Tools offer a unique level of versatility, especially for camping. Let’s take a look at what makes it such an innovative multi-tool. 

What does the Package include?

The package includes an array of essential camping items and necessary accessories. In the Compack package, you will receive the following things.

  1. Standard Battery
  2. Air Pump
  3. Lantern Moonlight
  4. Coffee Grinder
  5. Mosquito Repeller
  6. Charging Lid
  7. 1x Pouch
  8. 1x Type C USB
  9. 12x Mosquito Repellent Pads
  10. 1x Nozzle Adaptor Pack
Multi Tools

The Ultrapack comes with an additional premium battery. Another available option is the Twin Compack, which basically includes two Compacks. 


Plug & Go is designed with portability and ergonomics in mind. Each of its modules has its own function and can easily be attached to the battery. The easy twist connection mechanism is optimized to enable fast swapping. Moreover, with its compact and ergonomic design, you can comfortably hold it and carry it around.

Multi Tools
Plug Go Multi Tools

Speaking of carrying the multi-tool around, Plug & Go is 60% lighter than the total weight of the tools it replaces, offering the same functions. This level of portability and convenience makes your trips to the wild more comfortable and safer. Furthermore, the casings have a textured finish to improve the grip, which makes it easier and more comfortable to hold even with wet hands.  

The multi-tool is built to withstand all the rough conditions you may face during outdoor excursions. The casings of all the modules are constructed with high-quality ABS and polycarbonate. Therefore, Plug & Go is durable, rugged, shockproof, and will not get easily damaged from being dropped. In addition, its IP64 dust and water resistance shields it from environmental elements.


The versatile Plug & Go Multi-Tool comes with six to seven modules, based on the combo pack you are getting. With the pouch, all of them together weigh about 1250 grams. Let’s see what each module has to offer.



Standard BatteryPremium Battery
Dimensions: 52 x 62 mmDimensions: 96 x 62 mm
Capacity: 2400mAHCapacity: 10,000mAH
USB Port: Type CUSB Port: Type C
Weight: 120gWeight: 260g

The battery is the main base of the Plug & Go Multi-Tool. All other modules function after you connect them to this battery. There are two types of batteries available – standard and premium. The standard battery comes with a capacity of 2400mAh, whereas the premium battery has a capacity of 10,000mAh.

The standard battery is perfect for short camping or fishing trips. However, if you are planning a full day of outdoor activities, you will be better off with the premium battery. 

Air Pump

Multi Tools
Air Pump


  • Dimensions: 67.5 x 62 mm
  • Run Time (Standard Battery): 20 minutes
  • Run Time (Premium Battery): 75 minutes
  • Weight: 105g

Don’t let the compact size of the air pump module fool you. This powerful air pump can produce an air pressure of up to 3,000 Pa. With this module, you can easily pump up your inflatable pillows, air mattresses, and floaties. Moreover, it can also help you to start a fire by blowing air on the tinders. All in all, the air pump module is a fantastic camping companion, especially when you are with your family and friends. 

Coffee Grinder

Multi Tools
Coffee Grinder


  • Dimensions: 197 x 75 mm
  • Run Time (Standard Battery): 90 minutes
  • Run Time (Premium Battery): 5.6 hours
  • Weight: 420g

The coffee grinder module is the largest and heaviest of all the Plug & Go modules. And it performs the most crucial task for any outdoor camping adventure – serving a hot and refreshing cup of coffee. It completes the entire experience of enjoying the scenic beauty of nature.

The coffee grinder module offers two grinding modes – fine and coarse. Just put your coffee beans in, attach the lid, and switch the battery on. Using its ceramic burr, the Plug & Go coffee grinder starts grinding the beans in uniform-sized particles so that you can make the best cup of coffee. Using a ceramic burr instead of conventional stainless steel blades makes the coffee grinder more durable and produces better results.  

Mosquito Repeller

Multi Tools
Mosquito Repeller


  • Dimensions: 41 x 62 mm
  • Run Time (Standard Battery): 90 minutes in Half Power Mode, 45 minutes in Full Power Mode
  • Run Time (Premium Battery): 5.6 hours in Half Power Mode, 2.8 hours in Full Power Mode
  • Weight: 65g

Let’s face it – mosquitoes are the most annoying creatures to face while camping. They can also infect you with diseases and make you fall sick. Therefore, equipping yourself with a competent mosquito repellant is a smart move, so that you can keep yourself and your family safe, especially the children.

When turned on, the mosquito repeller module of the Plug & Go can safely cover an area of 15 square feet. Within this parameter, you can engage in any outdoor activity without worrying about those pesky mosquitoes. The modular use standard-size repellent pads. The set comes with 12 pads, and each pad lasts for 4 hours. You can buy more later from any store.

Lantern Moodlight

Multi Tools
Lantern Moodlight


  • Dimensions: 64.5 x 62 mm
  • Run Time (Standard Battery): 3 hours in Lighting (White) Mode, 2 hours in Mood Light Mode
  • Run Time (Premium Battery): 11 hours in Lighting (White) Mode, 7.5 hours in Mood Light Mode
  • Weight: 85g

The Lantern Moodlight module of Plug & Go offers you the most magical night camping experience. With the lighting mode emitting a white light, you can clearly see your surroundings in the dark or any low-light situation. It makes the lantern come in handy when using it in your campground, fishing spot, or for general navigation.

The Lantern Moodlight module also has multiple adjustable brightness levels of up to 12 lumens. With it, you can make the lantern dim or bright based on your need. It also has several color options, with which you can set the right mood. With a simple tap, you can change the color of the light. If you cannot decide on a color, you can use the auto-shuffle option as well. Furthermore, you can activate a red strobe light during emergency situations.

Charging Lid

Multi Tools
Charging Lid


  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 62 mm
  • USB Port: Type A
  • Weight: 40g

When hiking, camping, trekking, or doing any other outdoor activity, running out of phone charge can fill you with a sense of anxiety, stress, and worry. Your phone does not only keep you connected to the rest of the world, but it also helps you navigate and get the necessary information. Therefore, many outdoor enthusiasts keep one or more power banks in their backpacks.

The Plug & Co comes with a Charging Lid module that serves as an emergency power bank. This rechargeable power source can be connected to your phone using a 5V USB-A output to quickly juice it up.

Our Verdict

We have come to the conclusion that the Plug & Go Multi-Tool is the perfect camping companion. Its high-quality and robust construction is no joke when it comes to enduring rugged outdoor environments. Each module is very convenient and easy to use as well. While offering you all the amenities you need to make your outdoor experience comfortable, Plug & Go also incorporates some essential features for emergency situations. We also appreciate the device’s focus on portability and ergonomics. All in all, the lightweight yet powerful Plug & Go Multi-Tool will surely be a great addition to your outdoor gear pack. 

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