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NikotaPower-META 2000 Portable Power Station Review

2000 Portable Power Station

You can find plenty of different types of power stations available in the market. But one thing we noticed about most of them is that they are primarily designed to be used outdoors. It’s understandable why that is the case as portable power stations are mostly used by campers. But what if we were to tell you that there is a portable power station out there that you can use both in your homes as well as outdoors? Caught your attention right?

Located in the Greater Bay Area of China, Nikota is a green power company that has committed itself to provide clean, stable, safe, and efficient portable power solutions for home, outdoor, emergency, medical, and other uses. And their latest invention – the NikotaPower-META 2000 Portable Power Station is arguably one of their most ingenious new products.

The NikotaPower-META 2000 is without a doubt one of the most innovative and futuristic portable power stations that have ever existed at the time of writing this review. Not only does it pack the typical features you would expect to find from a traditional power station, but it also comes with plenty of high-tech features that we will be talking about in just a bit. So, let’s skip the suspense and take a look at everything that the NikotaPower-META 2000 has to offer.

Breakthrough Features

The NikotaPower-META 2000 will be the first-ever portable power station that supports 4G/5G networks. Yes, you read that correctly! Definitely a mic-drop moment right there. You can plug your SIM card into this device using its dedicated SIM card port and then connect your electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc, to the network. In other words, the NikotaPower-META 2000 is basically a WiFi router on steroids! But it doesn’t end there. At the back of the power station, you will find four Gigabit LAN ports, one Gigabit WAN port, three WiFi antennas, one 4G antenna, one 5G antenna, and of course a WiFi on/off switch.

META 2000 Portable Power Station
NikotaPower-META 2000 Portable Power Station

This means that you can be anywhere in the world and still have a 4G/5G or a wireless network at your disposal. And to top it all off, the NikotaPower-META 2000 comes with a mosquito-repellent lamp, an ambient light, a LED emergency light, and wireless fast charging. As crazy as it sounds, you can actually wirelessly charge your smartphone using this device. However, you will be limited to only 15W of charging. But it’s better to have this feature rather than not to have it at all.

Power Output

Let’s take a break from the overwhelming number of new features and answer the question that you have probably been wondering about for so long – what are the power output options available? The NikotaPower-META 2000 comes with two 12W USB-A QC2.0 ports, two 18W USB-A QC3.0 ports, two 65W USB Type-C ports, three 2000W AC plug points, and one 12V/10A DC5525 port. You also get a cigarette lighter and a digital display to see the status of your power station. In summary, you can use this power station to power or charge 13 of your electronic devices or appliances simultaneously.

META 2000 Portable Power Station

Battery and Charging Capability

The NikotaPower-META 2000 is equipped with a 2000W AC inverter and has a battery of 2016Wh capacity. To recharge it, you can use either the 2000W AC input or the 300W solar input at the back. So, you can recharge the NikotaPower-META 2000 using a wall outlet, or if you are outdoors, then you can also use a solar panel. And thanks to its marina adapter-free fast charging technology, you can fully juice this power station up in approximately 1.5 hours!

You can use this device to charge any 0-2000W appliance like lamps, kettles, ovens, hair dryers, heaters, etc. Plus, this power station can even charge your electric vehicle too! All of these amazing features are packed into a very compact frame that weighs only 16 kg.

Ending Thoughts

By now it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are massive fans of the NikotaPower-META 2000 potable power station. There truly isn’t any other power station available like this. Whether you want wireless connectivity, robust charging capabilities, top-of-the-line battery capacity, or just a few eccentric features like having a mosquito-repellent light, the NikotaPower-META 2000 portable power station has you covered in all these aspects. Nikota has made a ground-breaking new product that is sure to disrupt the portable power station industry. And we are excited to see how others react to this innovative device. If you want to see more, then check out Nikota’s Website.

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