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Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

The summer heat is kicking in, and I don’t know about you, but I get really uncomfortable when it’s sweltering hot outside. I can’t stand being all sweaty and sticky. 

So I started looking for a portable fan to keep me cool wherever I go.

I came across the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1s and decided to give it a try. After testing it out, I’m happy to report that it’s a game-changer for staying cool! 

In this review, I’ll give you a detailed look at this little gadget and why it’s become my summer necessity.

What Is the JISULIFE Handheld Fan?

The JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1s is a small, portable fan that you can take with you anywhere. It’s designed to fit in your pocket or attach to your bag. This fan is meant to provide a cooling breeze no matter where you are.

It’s made by a company called JISULIFE which specializes in portable electronics. They market this product as the “world’s number one portable fan brand.” A pretty bold claim, but let’s see if it lives up to the hype!

Unboxing the JISULIFE Handheld Fan

The fan arrived in a phone-sized box that made it feel like I was getting a brand-new smartphone! Inside I found:

  • The handheld fan itself
  • A short USB-C charging cable
  • A stretchable fabric carrying strap
Unboxing the JISULIFE Handheld Fan

The fan is about the size of an average smartphone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. It’s made of aluminum alloy which gives it a premium, gadget-like feel. The build quality seems very solid and durable.

On the front is a small control wheel that you turn to adjust the fan speed. There’s also an LED battery gauge so you can see how much juice is left. On the back is the fan itself, which is currently hidden behind a grate-like cover to protect the blades when not in use.

Overall, my first impressions are that this is a nicely designed little gadget!

Features and Specs

Even though the JISULIFE fan is tiny, it’s packed with features:

  • Aluminum alloy construction – The sturdy metal build gives it a premium feel
  • Hidden fan blade – The blades are concealed behind a grate for safety when not spinning
  • Speed control wheel – Easily adjust the airflow from a gentle breeze to hurricane-force
  • LED battery indicator – See how much charge you have left
  • Hurricane Technology – Creates a seriously powerful blast of wind
  • 15-hour battery life – Lasts all day and night on one charge
  • USB-C charging – Recharge it with any USB charger
  • Portable size – Fits in your pocket or clips to your backpack
  • Anti-drop design – If it falls, it will turn off automatically

The company really seemed to think through the features to create the ultimate portable fan.

Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

Testing Out the Cooling Power

The most important test was to see just how well this little gadget could keep me cool. So on a hot and humid 90+ degree day, I took it outside for a spin.

I started on the lowest setting, and it produced a gentle breeze. It felt refreshing, like a mini air conditioner blowing right in my face!

When I cranked it up to the highest setting, I was amazed at how powerful the airflow was. It easily knocked over empty cans I had set up from several feet away! So while small, this fan can put out some serious wind power.

After about 2 hours of periodic use, the battery gauge showed I had drained about 30%. This thing was going to easily last all day and night, just like advertised.

Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

Keeping Cool On the Go

Beyond raw cooling power, I loved having this portable breeze with me wherever I went.

I clipped it to my backpack strap and it kept me feeling cool and comfy as I walked downtown in the summer heat. The aluminum body didn’t get hot in the sun like plastic fans sometimes do.

When I went to pick up my kids from school, I kept it in the cupholder pointing up at me in the car. No more suffering in an overheated car!

At night, I placed it right on my nightstand to blow that sweet cold air on me as I fell asleep.

The point is, it was awesome having a personal cooling device with me anytime, anywhere!

Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

Who Is This Fan Good For?

The JISULIFE Handheld Fan is great for:

  • Staying cool outdoors – Use it while walking, at the park, camping, beach, etc.
  • Cooling down in the car – No more sweaty, uncomfortable commutes
  • Relief while exercising – Keep the breeze on you during a workout
  • Sleeping in hot rooms – Aim it right at your bed for cool comfort
  • Traveling in hot climates – Don’t sweat in airports, hotels, and tourist activities
  • Desk fans – Improve stuffy office and home office environments

So whether you work up a sweat outside, travel frequently, or just want airflow on demand, this little fan comes in handy!

Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

What I Like About This Fan

After extensively testing out this JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S, here are the things I really love about it:

  • Serious cooling power – This tiny fan can crank out a hurricane-like blast of air. The first time I turned it on high, I was stunned!
  • Ultra-portable – It’s about the size of a big smartphone and weighs only 130g. I can fit it in any pocket or bag.
  • Durable metal build – The aluminum alloy body is really solid. This is built to last.
  • Long battery life – It can run over 15 hours on a single charge. You’ll likely go days between charges.
  • Fun colors – It comes in catchy colors like orange, green, pink, and more.
  • Adjustable strap – Lets you hang it from bikes, backpacks, belt loops, etc.
  • Affordable price – For the quality, power, and convenience, the price is reasonable.
  • USB-C charging – Uses the same charger as most modern phones. One less cord to pack!

For a compact gadget, it has everything I hoped for in a portable fan. It made surviving the heat wave so much more pleasant!

Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

Drawbacks to Consider

In the spirit of an honest review, let me mention a few potential downsides:

  • Fan noise – There’s no getting around it, the high setting sounds like a small engine. It didn’t bother me but noise-sensitive people might prefer the lower settings.
  • Not waterproof – You’ll have to be careful not to get it wet, which could damage the electronics.
  • No AC power option – You can’t plug it in, so you’re dependent on the built-in battery.

However, these minor nitpicks didn’t take away from how awesome this gadget is for cooling down in hot weather.

Where to Buy the JISULIFE Handheld Fan

I bought my unit the JISULIFE’s original website; they sell a variety of colors. The price is around $70. They ship worldwide from their factory in Shenzhen, China.

JISULIFE makes several portable fan models, but I went with the Pro 1s because of its high reviews. I recommend searching for this specific model.

Stay Cool This Summer With the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1S

The Verdict: A Must-Have Summer Gadget

I’m so glad I got my hands on the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro 1s. It thoroughly crushed my expectations for how well a tiny fan could work. Now I can’t imagine summer without it!

It may not look like much, but it provides a powerful stream of cooling air on the go. The lightweight, portable design lets me bring refreshing wind anywhere.

If you’re looking for relief from heat and humidity this summer, do yourself a favor and grab one of these handy little gadgets. It will be your new summer survival essential, just like it is for me!

Stay cool out there and enjoy the breeze!

You can buy the JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro1S from the JISULIFE website at a 40% discount if you apply the code: reviewzone40 at checkout.

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