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Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light Review: The Ultimate Tactical Flashlight for Every Man

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light Review

If you’re like me, you probably think of flashlights as something you keep in your kitchen drawer for when the power goes out or when you go camping. However, a flashlight is something every man should have with him at all times.

A flashlight can help you see in the dark, which can be important for safety in a variety of situations, such as walking home at night, working in a dark garage, or changing a tire on the side of the road. You can use this as a self-defense tool. If you’re attacked, you can use the flashlight to temporarily blind your attacker and give yourself time to escape.

This is the Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light – a powerhouse of illumination and tactical performance designed to enhance your handgun’s capabilities. With impressive features and upgrades, this compact rail-mounted tactical flashlight is a valuable addition to your firearm setup. Let’s explore its features and performance in detail.


Brightness: ‎1000 Lumen

Runtime: 2 hours

Finish Type: Aluminum

Light Source Type: ‎LED

Material: Aluminum

High Brightness

Experience the power of 1000 lumens brightness with the Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light. This upgrade comes with a precision-engineered optical lens that enhances the spotlight effect, casting a clear and intense beam. With an impressive illumination distance of 200-300 meters, this tactical flashlight ensures you have a commanding view even in the darkest environments. Plus, it doesn’t just shine briefly – it can keep illuminating for more than 2 hours, giving you the extended lighting you need.

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light

Superior Performance

Designed for toughness and versatility, the HL-20 pistol light boasts IPX5 waterproofing. This means it’s capable of maintaining full functionality even when faced with wet conditions, making it an essential companion for outdoor excursions in various weather conditions. Its lightweight and compact profile ensures that it doesn’t compromise your firearm’s balance or add unnecessary bulk, allowing you to maintain precise control while benefiting from the additional illumination.

Moreover, the upgraded HL-20 pistol light has achieved an IPX5 waterproof rating. This advancement means that it can thrive even in humid conditions, ensuring its functionality remains uncompromised regardless of the environmental challenges. Now, you can confidently rely on your HL-20 even when the weather takes a turn.

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light

Precision Processing

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, the Feyachi HL-20 is engineered to withstand the rigors of tactical use. The anodized surface adds an extra layer of durability, rendering it more resistant to wear and corrosion. Rigorous anti-shock testing has demonstrated its exceptional resilience – even when exposed to 800G of gravitational acceleration, this weapon light remains intact. This level of durability instills confidence, ensuring that your pistol light will hold up even in demanding situations.

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light

Universal Compatibility and Versatility in Mounting

With the inclusion of 5 different Locating Keys – GL, TSW/99, 90two, P320, and 1913 – the pistol flashlight package offers universal compatibility. These interchangeable keys facilitate easy attachment to a wide range of rail-equipped handguns and rifles, granting you the flexibility to use the HL-20 on various firearms. This adaptability ensures that your investment in this tactical accessory is well-utilized across different firearms platforms.

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light

Multiple Modes

The HL-20 handgun light introduces two distinct light modes to suit diverse scenarios. One side button enables a continuous-on mode, ensuring a consistent source of light. On the other side, you’ll find an instantaneous activation mode, providing rapid bursts of illumination for quick target identification. This user-friendly feature set allows you to tailor your lighting approach based on your specific requirements, making the HL-20 an adaptable tool for various tactical situations.

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light

Upgrade to 1000 Lumens

Experience the upgraded version of the HL-20 pistol light with an impressive 1000 lumens brightness. This enhancement provides a substantial increase in lighting power, accompanied by an extended beam range of 200-300 meters. With this upgrade, you can confidently navigate through low-light situations without fear, knowing that you have a reliable and potent source of illumination by your side.

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light

Wrapping Up

In summary, the Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light is a powerhouse tactical accessory that brings together high brightness, superior performance, durability, compatibility, and adaptable modes. Its 1000 lumens upgrade and IPX5 waterproofing elevates its capabilities, making it a must-have tool for any tactical enthusiast or professional seeking reliable and versatile illumination for their firearms.

Feyachi HL-20 Pistol Light Review

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