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How To Set Up A Hammock Complete Guide For Beginners

Set Up A Hammock

A hammock is considered to be relaxing whether you’re on your porch or camping in the wild. You can set up a hammock both outdoors and indoors. Plus, it is comfy, cozy, and easy to set up. A hammock is a great item if you want to make your outdoor living area more cozy and welcoming. 

Whether you’re going on your next adventure or want to make your backyard a bit cozy, there are several ways to set up a hammock. However, setting up a hammock for the first time comes with some learning curves, but a little bit of guidance and practice will make this procedure a lot easier for you. 

8 Ways To Set Up A Hammock

Pick The Right Place

When you’re setting up a hammock away from your land, you need authorization to do so. Check in with the landowners or the authority, if it’s okay to set up a hammock or not. Your hammock shouldn’t block any pathways for people or wild animals. Always inspect the surrounding area before setting up the hammock. Make sure your hammock is not close to any water source. 

Selecting The Right Trees

You have to examine your tree closely before you hang your hammock. Don’t pick the trees which are fragile or have dead branches, it could be really risky for both you and the environment. Plus, your hammock setup will not be as sturdy as you want it to be. Look out for any poisonous plants or insects around that area. 

While choosing the strap for wrapping, make sure they won’t be damaging the trees. Instead of using a plastic cord or any hammock chair, try using a polyester or nylon strap. Try not to put too much strain on a single tree, set up multiple hammocks in different trees. In this way, the trees will be safe and everyone will get their own space. 

Distance Between Two Trees

Apart from strong and healthy trees, you want two trees that are at the same distance as the length of your hammock. It’s better not to use the trees that are too close to each other, then you won’t be comfortable in your hammock. If your trees are a bit far away, you can use extra ropes or chains to extend your hammock. Finding two perfectly distanced trees is hard, but you can always make some adjustments. 

Set Up A Hammock

Hammock Height

There are two kinds of hammocks: one comes with spreader bars and the other without them. Normally, it’s recommended to set up your hammock 18 inches off the ground. Hammocks with spreader bars are suggested to keep 4-5 feet off the ground, whereas those without should be kept 6-8 feet off the ground. The height of your hammock setup also depends on your comfort and flexibility of the hammock. Most hammock comes with an instruction book; thus it’s always better to follow it. 

Hammock Angle

Many people make the mistake of setting up their hammocks really tight and flat. They think it is going to be more comfortable to relax on the flat surface of a hammock. Little did they know, this will tighten the edge so much that it will create a high hammock wall around you. Ultimately when you’ll lay down, this wall will make you feel stuck and cramped.

You need to constantly use your arms for lowering those walls and there will be zero space left for stretching or changing your posture. It is recommended that the angle between the strap and the ground should be 30 degrees. If you managed to do this correctly you may lie down flat in a curved hammock, and there will be enough place left for your stretching. 

Hammock Calculator

If you are confused by all these angles and heights, then you can use a hammock calculator. There is a lot of hammock calculator available on the internet, you can use any one of them. You just need to give some measurements, for instance, the distance between the trees, suspension length, the angle you want, etcetera. Afterward, it will give you a good hang point. 

Securing The Hammock

It’s a bit traditional to use ropes to secure your hammock. In terms of using the rope, you need to master at tying knots otherwise, your hammock may not be sturdy enough to carry your weight. Also, it’s better not to use any metal chain; it can damage the trees.

That’s why using a tree strap is a much better option. It will not only give the hammock a good grip but it’s also harmless to the trees. You need some kind of suspension like a daisy chain to connect to the strap loop and use a carabiner to wrap the tree with the strap. Following the same way, wrap the other tree as well.

Attaching The Strap And Hammock

Once you’re done wrapping the tree strap, it’s time to prepare the hammock. Most hammock comes with suspension or a dutch buckle. Now, you just need to connect your hammock’s suspension and the tree strap with a carabiner or hooks.

If your hammock has a buckle then you won’t be needing any carabiner. You can also connect the hammock and tree strap by making a knot, but adjusting your hammock will be difficult. You have to tie and untie the knot every time you need adjustments whereas, with suspension or a buckle, it’s easier to adjust. Here you go, your hammock is ready for you to hop on. 

Setting up a hammock is very simple, after trying it for few times you will get the hang of it. Don’t forget to carry the accessories like suspension, straps, hooks, and carabiner. Whether you set up a hammock in your backyard or camp, these are essential. We hope this guide will help you to build a solid setup of hammocks in your desired place. 

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