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How To Decorate Camping Tent? Ultimate Beginners Guide

Decorate Camping Tent

Aren’t you getting tired of the same old shabby and boring camping tent setup? Do you want to bring some color and coziness to your tent? Well, elevating the appearance of your tent can significantly enhance your overall camping experience. Besides, decorating a camping tent is not just about making it look pretty but also about giving it a cozy and homey vibe.

Imagine relaxing in bed, surrounded by fluffy and soft cushions, while gazing up at the stars. That may sound like an experience you can only have in an expensive resort or the backyard of your house. However, it may not be that hard to create much of an ambiance around your campsite. Glamping, often known as glamorous camping, is all about bringing comfort and stunning décor to the great outdoors. Hence, if you’re looking for a fun way to boost your camping experience,  check out these cute and simple tent decorating ideas.

7 Ways To Glamp Up Your Camping Tent

Camping doesn’t always have to be dirty, messy, or uncomfortable. With all of the camping decoration ideas given below, you can easily turn your dull camping tent into a vibrant and colorful one, with all of the camping decoration ideas set out for you below. 

1. Big Tent

For decorating, the first thing you need is a big and spacious tent. Because it packs up into a wheeled carrying case that fits neatly in a trunk, so it’s the ideal tent for glamping at a campsite. With this big tent, you can zip down a certain section of the tent to create windows if you want a more open, airy atmosphere, or close them if you want more isolation. The more space you have in your tent, the more room for decoration you get. However, you can also beautify your small tent, but you may be restricted to limited decor ideas due to the lack of enough space.

2. Campsite Sitting Arrangements

You would want to make comfortable spaces for sitting, reading, relaxing, and dining both inside and outside the tent while decorating your camping tent. Not all campsite includes picnic tables, so you can bring your own portable camping tables and chairs. You can use this table to set up your outdoor kitchen and serve meals, and snacks. You can also decorate your portable camping table with pretty materials like colorful table cloth or rugs. Camp chairs and loungers are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, forms, and colors. So you can easily create cute seating arrangements that combine both comfort and creativity.

3. Dreamy Lights

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to decorate both your campground and tent. Lighting alone makes your campsite ten times brighter and prettier. And the most popular among these lights are string lights. Nothing beats the warm glow of string lights for making your campground and tent seem cozier. There is a wide range of string lights available in the market to choose from. You can set up these string lights at the entrance as well as inside your camping tents.

Apart from string lights, there are also vintage lantern lights, ideal camping décor, and they give out a fantastic lighting effect when filled with a candle. So lantern lights serve a double purpose. You can either hang these lantern trees from low-hanging tree branches or use this as a centerpiece on your camping table. You can also go with some red decorative lights as they are gentler on the eyes.

4. Colorful Sun And Wind Shades

Vibrant sunshades or wind shades are a great addition to make your camping tent more lively and colorful. They’ll not only look nice, but they’ll also protect you from sunburn and strong winds. Both sunshades and wind shades come in a variety of vibrant colors that will instantly light up your campground. You can bring some beach umbrellas to your campground as well. It can easily provide shade to your camping table and chair. They are pretty light and versatile and they can add a splash of color that your campsite needs. However, make sure the umbrellas and sunshades are far away from your fire pit or grilling area. 

5. Blow Up The Mattress And Fluffy Pillow

When you’re going for more of the fancy form of camping, just a sleeping bag or groundsheet may not go with that. You can elevate that by bringing a pillow-top air mattress with stylish bedding and plenty of fluffy pillows instead. Blow-up mattresses are definitely a step up from the sleeping bag. You can also bring some colorful bedding or a blanket. These blankets will not only keep you warm on chilly evenings, but they’ll also make fantastic tablecloths or bench coverings to give your tent a bit cozy look. Moreover, the fluffy outdoor pillows are pretty functional, and they will look cute on the camping chair as well. 

6. Hanging Canopies

A flowing canopy will make a great addition to your camping tent, no matter where you put it. You may hang the canopy either from the tent over your bed or from a tree branch. Besides, you can make DIY canopies with hula-hoop and some sheer window curtains as well. They are quick and cheap. You can hang the canopy from a tree branch and place some colorful and fluffy cushions beneath it to create a pleasant and aesthetic spot outside of your camping tent.

Some dining canopies are available in the market that you can use to shield your camping table not just from direct sunlight but also from any dirt or leaves falling from the trees above. You can also use a hammock if you want to create a relaxing spot for your campground. To protect the tree trunks’ bark, wrap a cloth or towel around them before fastening the hammock straps.

7. Accessorize The Tent

There are tons of ways to accessorize your camping tent. Rugs are an excellent way to bring color and chicness to your campground while also keeping dirt and dust out. Placing your favorite woven rugs in front of the entrance of your camping tent will give you a luxurious safari vibe. Also, you can hang a dream catcher inside your tent with a twist tie from the center of your tent to give it a bohemian and dreamy look. Triangular flags are one of the most popular accessories for decorating your campground. They are pretty fun and easy to make as well.

Moreover, you can hang some wind chimes from a nearby tree as well. You can use colorful patterns or even themed pennants and garlands to bring more color to your campground.

Lastly, you can personalize your campsite décor with unique campground signs and garden flags. They’re colorful and fun identifiers that let your fellow campers and visitors know which campground belongs to you.

While lighting may be amusing and festive, don’t go overboard or leave them on all night. Most of these campsite decorations are reusable, so you don’t need to break the bank every time you need to decorate your camping tent. Don’t forget to get a storage box to keep all of your blankets, pillows, and other campsite decorations in while they aren’t in use or when the weather is bad.

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