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Best Portable Power Station | OUKITEL P2001 2000W

Power Station

Whether you’re an outdoorsy guy, or not, a powerful and reliable power station will always come in handy. And if you are following us for a while, you might know that we often test out new and unique power stations on our outdoor trips. And recently, we’ve got an innovative and powerful portable power station from Oukitel, called the OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station. We’ve put it into some extensive use, and field-tested it on our last few outdoor trips.

Now as it’s been a while since we reviewed a power station, we thought of making an in-depth review of this monstrous powerhouse. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station Review.

Outlook Of The Box

Probably for the first time, we’ll be reviewing such a powerful 2000-watt portable power station. And this huge, black box contains the power station. The box rocked Oukitel’s logo on the top of the front side, and a glimpse of the power station. The sides of the box contain a quick view of its features and some instructions. 

Power Station


  • Battery Capacity: 2000W/2000WWh, Rated voltage 51.2V
  • Battery Cell Type: LiFePO4 (2000+ Full Life Cycles)
  • Charging Methods: Solar Power, Wall Plug, Car Charger
  • Recharging Input: 12v-120V/15A, 1500W MAX
  • Output Ports: 16
  • Weight: 48.5 pounds

Inside The Box

Inside the box, you’ll find a power station. This is pretty chunky and solid. Next, there’s an MC4 to Anderson cable for solar charging and a cigarette port to Anderson cable for charging the power station on the go. Lastly, a user manual, in case you wanna check, and that’s all about the unboxing part.


There are some ports, the power button, an LED, and Oukitel’s branding, on the front side of the powerhouse. On the left side, there is overload protection to keep electronic devices safe, and right below that, you’ll find a charging port to juice up this monster. Now, on the other side, there are two cooling fans, which we found to be very useful to keep this thing cool, even after extensive usage. The AC ports are right here, below the fans, while the backside shows some quick features of the power station.

Being made out of solid and ruggedized plastic, the power station is formidable enough to withstand our extreme usage. And, the whole thing weighs around 48 pounds which we think is pretty heavy for a power station. And, we found these rubber legs at the bottom pretty solid and grippy, which makes the power station more stable, no matter how the surface is. 

Power Station


Moving on to its battery section, the P2001 proudly boasts an impressive 2000-watt-hour battery that supports up to 2000 volts of maximum AC output. Now, unlike most other traditional power stations, this one right here features a new and innovative Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. This battery technology ensures over two thousand life cycles, which is around 4 to 5 times longer than a lithium-ion battery, with a lesser chance of overheating.


As it comes to its ports, we found this power station amazingly useful during our group camping trips. We literally used 16 devices simultaneously from this power station. The AC port side has 6 standard AC outlets that keep our whole group backed up. And not to mention, all of these AC outlets are Pure Sine Wave protected, which ensures a seamless power distribution. Next, the front side contains four USB-A outputs including two 18-watt quick charge 3.0 rated ports, two USB-C 100-watt PD ports, a carport, and two 12-volt 3-ampere DC ports. And if you look carefully, you’ll see that each of these port sections has individual power buttons.

Power Station
OUKITEL P2001 Ports


You’ll be surprised to know the fact that we were able to charge even a Tesla with this power station. And to be honest, we got around 6 more miles, which was very helpful to reach the next Tesla charging station.

Power Station

Furthermore, to power up and manage its enormous battery, the P2001 features the BMS battery management system, which ensures way faster-charging performance with a full charge in only 1.5 hours. But don’t be overexcited, as the catch is, you’ll need to use both the 1100-watt AC input and the 500-watt solar charging system to reach the rapid charging time. But we got the station fully charged in one hour and fifty minutes while using only the AC input.

We also used the 500-watt solar panel individually and got around 6 hours of charging time. Now, you might think that how can it be this fast, right? Well, that’s because the power station comes with built-in MPPT technology, which provides around 23% higher conversion efficiency!

Power Station

Final Verdict

So, that was pretty much everything about the OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station. And with this many ports, monstrous power, and advanced power management capabilities, we think the OUKITEL P2001 Portable Station is one of the most powerful generators, not only for outdoor activities but as an emergency power supply for the home as well. What do you think about it? Let us know.

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