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Bombas Hiking Socks Review

Bombas Hiking Socks

If you were asked about the most crucial hiking gear item, what would be your answer? If your answer is a pair of hiking boots, then you’re not wrong. But what else is important is having a pair of comfortable hiking socks.

And recently a brand named Bombas drew many people’s attention with their wide range of hiking socks collection. Hence, we thought of trying some of their collections so you can lean back, relax, and enjoy our review.

Bombas Hiking Socks

So, at first glance, we can see these colorful hiking socks come in different size options. And when you’ll hold the socks you’ll realize how comfy they’re going to be on adventures like hiking, backpacking, and so on! Such detailed knitting surely took time and determination. Thus, we have to give an A for effort Bombas. 

But that’s not all from them, as since their inception Bombas has donated a pair to homeless people for each pair we buy. And so far, they donated about 50 million pairs. That explains how popular these socks are for their comfort and overall performance. So, guess it’s one of their mission to contribute to the betterment of humankind. 

These socks are available in a whole bunch of models, but we got ourselves the hiking socks and the Merino wool hiking socks. All the models are available in different packs, for both men and women. And to check out these different size options, we’ve tried both the calf and the quarter size.

Bombas Hiking Socks


Now, if we look a bit deeper, we’ll see different blends of material have been used for different models. For instance, all-purpose socks have a blend of 32 percent cotton, 63 percent polyester, 3 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex in their build. This level of balanced construction results in proper comfort during different scenarios, like we tried hiking, backpacking, running, and even playing golf with these. Strategically placed cushioning provided proper support during demanding activities. What else we found helpful with this pair is the Y-stitched heel, which naturally creates a cup around the feet for a perfect fit. And not to mention, the full cushion foot provided impressive support during hikes on challenging trails.

Then comes the merino hiking socks, and this pair was hands down the most comfortable one we tried so far. With a blissful blend of 63 percent merino wool, 35 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex, these socks were exceptionally comfortable and durable enough for rigorous hiking sessions.

Material like merino wool makes these socks quite premium, with natural moisture-wicking properties. And not to mention, these socks are softer than the others, and provided comparatively better comfort on the most rugged trails, without any kind of itching whatsoever.


Now, obviously, there are a bunch of things we found common in these models, and the first of them would be their Hex Tec technology. Hex Tec provided proper breathability and moisture management throughout the whole hike. The next thing we found interesting is their temperature-regulating airflow venting, which maintained proper airflow, preventing sweats on a sweaty hike. 


Seamless toe is another thing we appreciated on our adventures because of the lack of any annoying bumps. Then comes the honeycomb arch support system, which cradled the arch firmly that resulted in a snug fit, and a comfortable hiking experience. Lastly, another feature that caught our attention was its stay-up technology.

This feature is a proven one that provided just the right amount of tension level, preventing unwanted slip-downs during running or hiking. And obviously, they’re machine washable.

Bombas Hiking Socks

Wrapping Up

With all the features and advantages, each pair of these Bombas hiking socks provided enough comfort to meet our expectations from every aspect. They also gave us instructions on how to clean them without damaging them.

You can go for a machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, but do not bleach, tumble dry low. And it’s also recommended not to dry clean or iron these socks. And, that brings us to the end of our Bombas Hiking Socks Review. If you want to get a pair of your own at a 20% discount, then enter the code – “OUTDOOR” at checkout.

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