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EVERFUN Hydration Backpack With 2L Reservoir Review

EVERFUN Hydration Backpack with 2L Reservoir Review

You may wonder, why can’t you carry water in your regular backpack. Well, you can but your back may get hurt when carrying a 1-liter water bottle in your backpack’s side compartment as it stresses your left or right shoulder and causes you to involuntarily use all the muscles on that side of your body you attempt to balance out the uneven load. A hydration backpack, on the other hand, comes with a water reservoir, or bag, that rests firmly against your spine, maintaining balance in your back and core muscles.

All hydration backpacks are not created equal, you can get hydration backpacks in a range of designs to suit hikers, runners, bikers, and climbers of all skill levels, but you won’t know which one is right for you unless you look for yourself. If you’re on the hunt for a new hydration pack, check out the EVERFUN Hydration Backpack with 2L Reservoir that will keep you hydrated on the trail or down the road. 

EVERFUN Hydration Backpack Review

Whether you’re cycling, climbing, skiing, camping, or hiking staying hydrating is important and nothing will make this process easier than this EVERFUN Hydration Backpack. Its hands-free functionality, adjustable sizes, and excellent storage capacity make this hydrating backpack an excellent outdoor companion. Let’s dive deep into this.


Material‎: Nylon

Water Bladder: 2 Liter

Main Compartment: 18 Liter

Weight: 1.7 Pound

Dimension: ‎10.5 x 6 x 18.5 inches

Hand Free Drinking

This EVERFUN hydration backpack features a 2-Liter water bladder and bilateral hose outlet designed to free your hands. Thanks to its hands-free design you can enjoy pleasant journeys of mountaineering, cycling, hiking, cross-country running, and other scenes without any hassle. It also accommodates a designated bladder compartment with a 6-hour cooling time with ice packs. And the 2-Liter bladder can support up to a 3-Liter and is changeable.

Moreover, this 2-Liter Hydration Bladder is 100% BPA-free. The hydration bladder’s large aperture and detachable design make it simple to add ice cubes and fill it with water. Using this bag is pretty easy as well, With both hands, pull the valve open. You can breathe in water if you bite the valve. When you’re finished, remember to push it back in to shut it.

EVERFUN Hydration Backpack Review

Storage Capacity

The EVERFUN Hydration Backpack provides the maximum storage capacity. It features an 18-liter main compartment with a 10.5-inch big aperture that can hold clothing, a notepad, a first-aid kit, and children’s belongings. It also integrates mesh pockets for personal items and a top velvet pocket on the outside that can fit cameras and cell phones. And if you want to carry stuff like trekking poles, or additional water bottles there are also side mesh pockets for that.

Between the central and outer pockets, place the helmet. Don’t worry, the EVERFUN Hydration backpack features the largest storage space for your belongings and the belongings of your children.


The EVERFUN Hydration Backpack is built with High-Density Nylon fabric and it’s scratch-resistant, splash-proof, and offers easy cleaning. It features an ultra-elastic 3D breathable padded back that offers excellent support, lowers stress, and increases ventilation and carrying comfort. Moreover, this lightweight 1.7-pound backpack also comes with an adjustable chest (5.9-13.3″ wide, 5.1″ vertically movable), and waist straps (10.5- 35.4″) that make sure you can perform activities like hiking, skiing, and backpacking, or cycling with ease. 

EVERFUN Hydration Backpack Review

Safety Features

It has reflective strips so you stay visible even under low lights. This hydration backpack is also ideal for the rainy season as it has a built-in rain cover. The rain cover at the bottom compartment snugly wraps the whole backpack to give enough rain and dust protection in case of a downpour. 

Wrapping Up

So, keep yourself hydrated during winter and snow sports with EVERFUN Hydration Backpack. The 2-Liter water bladder that comes with the EVERFUN Hydration Backpack is made to free up your hands and make your mountaineering, biking, trekking, cross-country running, and other activities more enjoyable. This EVERFUN Hydration Daypack, which has a variety of inside and external compartments, would be ideal for you if you want to have a designated area for smaller goods, such as kids’ belongings or pet supplies.

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