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CIVIVI Odium Folding Pocket Knife Review

Folding Pocket Knife

The magnificence we have in hand is the CIVIVI Odium, a compact and reliable pocket knife that looks identical to the famous Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop. No wonder both of them are made by the same mother company. We have the Odium in our pockets for review for a reasonable period of time now. Usually, a cheaper knife turns out to be so rubbish that it becomes hard to use for the second time.

But, on the other hand, the expensive ones are so eye-catching and rare that they end up in our knife collection without being used at all. And then we have knives that are just in the sweet spot between affordable price ranges while being practical and reliable to use, just like the CIVIVI Odium.

In case you didn’t know, CIVIVI is the budget-friendly brand of the ‘WE KNIFE’ Company that focuses on more challenging and more practical knives right in a perfect budget range.


The knife is about 6 inches long (Overall Length: 6.19 inches.), while this blade’s only about 2.65 inches! The blade has a 2.25-inch long, sharp, and intimidating cutting edge. And as expected, the knife is lighter than 3 ounces (Weight: 2.38 oz.), which was pretty impressive and more effortless for us to carry anywhere. So, these were the technical information; and now, let’s move forward.

Folding Pocket Knife
CIVIVI Odium Folding Pocket Knife

Key Specs

  • BLADE LENGTH: 2.65 in
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 6.19 in
  • WEIGHT: 2.38 oz
  • BLADE MATERIAL: D2  (available with Damascus blade)
  • HANDLE MATERIAL: Micarta (also available with G10, wood handle)


As you can see, the model we got has a black stonewashed finish on the blade, looking very premium and tactile. But, to be honest, we think the black-washed finish makes the knife more attractive yet aggressive. So, this drop-point blade has a plain cutting edge, and right after that, it has a finger choil, which is amazingly supportive when we used it to cut something hard, for instance, carving wood or cutting fish on a campsite. But, the finger choil isn’t the only one that is helpful; the jimping also combines for better stability during any challenging situation. If we look carefully, you’ll see a small Ferrum Forge logo, which indicates their collaboration with CIVIVI.

Folding Pocket Knife
CIVIVI Odium Folding Pocket Knife


Deployment of this knife is super easy, as this flipper tab has jimping for the most comfortable operation. Not only that, but we also tried this thumb hole to open the knife. And both of the opening mechanisms were impressively effortless! Surprisingly, the opening and closing procedure felt so smooth that it made us fall in love with this. And later on, we found a little ceramic ball bearing, making it so buttery smooth. Finally, we must say that the fidgetiness of the knife really amazed us. 

There’s also a quick action mechanism that makes the closure very satisfying. We usually stay very concerned while using a folding knife, as their mechanism isn’t ideal for challenging tasks. But with the Odium, the liner lock was more capable and reliable than we thought it would be. As a result, we rest assured of its stability and toughness, even during our bushcraft trips.


Speaking of stability, we were amused to see how tough its ergonomic handle is! Having all the jimping on the liner ensures a firm grip, even while our hand was slippery, for example, while processing a fish on the campground. Moreover, the handle is actually made out of micarta, giving it a steady grasp and an eye-catching look. The blade has D2 as its material, and this high-carbon steel makes this knife so strong that we even used it for complex tasks like shaving tinders.

Folding Pocket Knife

Attention To Details

CIVIVI’s attention to more minor details like this pocket clip, the finger choil, and the inclusion of the wiping cloth really grabbed our sight. With that, the CIVIVI branding on this corner makes it look pretty unique. At the same time, the CIVIVI logo on the bearing is also something cool to have. So in our opinion, yeah, it has very admirable attention to detail.

Final Verdict

Now, the question is, which type of people should go for a CIVIVI Odium, and for what kind of uses? Well, after a long time of use, we can say that, as a pocket knife, this served and still serves more than our expectations. With this high-carbon blade, razor-sharp edge, and stable grip, the CIVIVI Odium certainly deserved a place on our EDC gear list. 

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