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HJM Toury Step-Thru Electric Bike Review

Electric Bike

You must agree with the fact that an affordable fat tire electric bike is a rare catch. In this article, we’ve talked about the features, advantages, and day-to-day performance of this affordable fat tire e-bike called the HJM toury. 


This e-bike comes with impressive shock resistance. Now, as a fat-tire electric bike, it has these thicker 12G spokes with automatic machine weaving, which ensures an even tension distribution to each of the spokes, making our rides more reliable. So, the wheel, combined with these 4-inch wide anti-puncture all-terrain tires, provided fantastic stability while riding. And, having this unique and aggressive pattern, these tires we found to be very sturdy against the most demanding trails.

Not only that, but this 3D pattern also provided proper traction, making them very effective against the muddiest terrains during our bike-packing trips. Because of these waterproof harnesses, cruising through drizzles and light rains won’t be an issue at all. Plus, unlike many other bikes, the dashboard will be amazingly useful during the harshest sunlight conditions, thanks to its sunlight-readable display. This full-color LCD display was pretty informative as it shows important information like riding speed, remaining battery, mileage, pedal assist level, and whatnot.


  • Motor: 750W Geared Hub
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Gear Shift: 7 Speed
  • Battery: 48V, 14Ah
  • Range: 45+ Miles
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Payload: 310 lbs.


Opening the package there’s a smaller box, probably containing all the toolkits, including a set of Allen wrenches, a screwdriver, and different sizes of open-end wrenches as our assembling tools. We also found other accessories like the lights, the pedals, and the battery charger right here in this box. Those were all the accessories we got with our bike.

And, here’s our toury e-bike, zip-tied and wrapped with protective covers. But, do note that the assembly will take around an hour; if you have a slight idea about assembling an electric bike, and, don’t forget to charge the battery during the assembly process. After assembling it looks pretty bulky and powerful, as it should be. 


Now, if we talk about its frame specs, this frame is made out of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy, which was the main reason for its top-of-the-line durability and featherlike weight. Plus, thanks to its advanced welding technology, this frame doesn’t only look attractive but provides us with a proper balance between strength and stiffness.

Electric Bike

And, surprisingly, this well-built frame is 100,000 times horizontal, vertical, and pedal tested, which makes it more durable, more reliable for the most challenging rides. Who would’ve thought we could get this kind of quality from an e-bike of this range?!

Riding Experience

And so far, the e-bike has served us with comfortable and efficient rides on almost every kind of challenging trail. These RST aluminum alloy integrated suspension front forks amazingly handled this bike while we rode through the most demanding trails like Methow valley of Washington and Mammoth Mountain in California

Electric Bike


Now, if we talk about its motor, this e-bike boasts an impressive 750-watt of brushless geared hub motor right in this rear wheel. And interestingly, we found this motor well-capable of, giving one of the fastest peak torque outputs. But that doesn’t mean its low-torque state is poor; we got an adequate acceleration with no frustration, even on the low-torque state. So, whether our ride led us through steep mountains, muddy forests, gravel roads, or sandy beaches, this motor provided just the push we needed with up to 20 miles per hour!


The battery performance of this e-bike also satisfied us with its substantial 48-volt LG cells. And guess what? This great powerhouse comes with the battery management system AKA BMS, which ensures a way longer battery life with more than 800 charging cycles! And any idea about how long a single charge can go? Let us tell you.

Electric Bike

While using this electric bike on full throttle mode, we got about 29 miles of maximum range, while the efficient pedal assist level served us with more than 45 miles. And the best attraction of this battery is that we can just pull one battery out and charge it, while an extra battery will easily double the mileage.

Comfort And Safety

Speaking of comfort, this e-bike comes with an adjustable Velo saddle that provides excellent support with less pressure during long and bumpy rides. And, combining that with an adjustable handlebar, we got an unmatched riding experience, regardless of the rider’s height and weight.

We all know that safety should be our primary concern when it comes to riding through tough and challenging trails. And that’s where this e-bike comes in handy, with this industry-leading Tektro mechanical disk brakes on both wheels. These 180-millimeter rotors were well capable of providing a quick, smooth, and safe braking performance, no matter how steep the trail was.

Electric Bike


When it comes to its pedaling efficiency, the Toury boasts this TZ500 7-speed gear shift system from Shimano, which we found to be very efficient to shift up and down, even during riding at higher speeds. And, even after cruising through so many muddy trails and water-crossings, this KMC rust-proof chain still looks like a new one! In contrast, this pair of Wellgo pedals feature this anti-skid nail surface that prevents accidental slips for a long and comfortable ride.


Speaking of stability, the e-bike wasn’t only stable during our rides; the kickstand is completely adjustable and has an anti-slip bottom surface. As a result, we were pretty carefree in parking the bike, regardless of the parking ground. We almost forgot about this rear rack, which was extremely helpful during our bike-packing trips, as it supports the HJM quick-release basket for carrying extra goods for our adventure. This rack is also compatible with Yepp max baby seat without needing any adapter, in case you need to use it.

Final Verdict

So, that was almost everything about the HJM Toury Fat Tire Electric Bike Review. With such a powerful motor combined with the four-inch-wide fat tires, this e-bike delivers a rapid, smooth, and efficient riding experience. And being available in both step-up and step-thru frames, you can choose more wisely according to your needs. The step-thru frame is ideal for casual and comfortable rides because of its most accessible mount and dismountable frame.

Now, you must think that with all these superb features, including the rear rack, and an amazingly informative dashboard, the e-bike may cost a fortune. But, Happy Journey Maker, AKA HJM, kept it right in your budget with a price range of under 2000 bucks. And to make your purchase more eco-friendly, HJM donates one dollar for planting a tree from each order.

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