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Stay HOT with Weston Store’s Heated Winter Gear

Stay HOT with Weston Store’s Heated Winter Gear

I’ve always loved playing in the snow, but the frigid temps often cut my winter fun short. So when I discovered Weston Store’s innovative heated apparel, it was a total game changer! I’m no longer a shivering mess after sledding or snowshoeing thanks to their toasty warming gear.

As an avid outdoorsman and winter explorer, having quality cold-weather clothing is essential. So I took Weston Store’s latest heated jackets, vests, and gloves out for some thorough testing in the elements. 

Read on for my hands-on experiences with these exciting new products!

Thin Heated Glove Liners – My New Snowboarding Secret Weapon

I snowboard every winter but constantly battle icy fingers crammed into thick gloves. It makes holding onto my board difficult once the numbness sets in. Enter Weston Store’s heated glove liners – my new snowboarding secret weapon!

These thin glove liners slide right underneath your main gloves for direct skin warming. I loved having that instant heat against my skin rather than fussing with bulky hand warmers.

The liners have 3 adjustable temperature settings:


With a simple press of the button, I could customize the warmth as needed. The 130°F high mode felt incredible on frigid winter days below 0°F. My hands stayed nice and toasty without overheating.

According to Weston, the glove liners withstand temperatures down to -20°F. While I didn’t quite test them that low, they held up great on below-freezing days in heavy snowfall. The water-resistant fabric also kept my hands dry despite falling countless times!

The integrated battery conveniently lasts for 6-7 hours per charge depending on the heat mode. That was plenty to get through a full day hitting the slopes. Recharging it is as easy as plugging it into any USB adapter.

Overall, these Weston heated glove liners vastly improved my snowboarding experience this winter. My fingers stayed nimble and dexterous no matter how gnarly the conditions got on the mountain!

Key Details:

  • Added warmth under gloves
  • Customizable temp settings
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • 6-7 hour battery life

Heated Vest – Total Game Changer for Outdoor Ice Rinks

I play pond hockey every winter with my buddies but always end up a shivering mess halfway through our games. So I decided to try out Weston Store’s heated vest this year – what a game changer!

Unlike bulky coats, this vest let me move freely while skating and stick handling. But it also surrounded my core in soothing warmth with its 8 integrated heating zones.

I simply pressed the vest’s single button control to toggle between the 100°F, 110°F, and 120°F heat settings. It heated up rapidly, letting me choose the perfect warmth for the conditions.

According to Weston, this vest resists freezing conditions down to -25°C. While the local ponds haven’t gotten quite that frigid, it’s held up admirably with temps in the low 20s Fahrenheit.

The vest is also conveniently machine washable thanks to its removable battery pack. I’ve already tossed it in the wash twice after some slushy spills and falls on the ice.

With over 8 hours of heating per charge, I can play pond hockey with the guys all afternoon without worrying about losing warmth. No more painful ice games cut short!

Key Features:

  • Warms core without restricting movement
  • Withstands -25°C temperatures
  • Easy-clean machine washable fabric
  • 8+ hours of customizable warmth

Soft Shell Heated Track Jacket – Warm Streetwear Style

I dislike bulky winter coats that restrict my movement but still need warmth when running errands on blustery days. So I was excited to try Weston Store’s versatile soft shell heated track jacket this winter.

The jacket has a thin yet durable polyester shell that blocks wind while retaining breathability. Light padding throughout provides warmth, augmented by the integrated heating system.

The jacket uses a single control button to toggle between 3 heat settings:


With a simple press, I could crank the jacket from a light sweatshirt-like warmth up to practically a heated blanket wrapped around my torso!

According to Weston, the shell withstands freezing conditions down to -20°C while resisting moisture. Perfect for blustery winter days.

The integrated battery lasted for 8+ hours per charge in my testing. That’s plenty of juice for running errands about town or enjoying winter recreation.

While not as toasty as a full-on winter parka, the jacket’s stylish looks and versatility make it an excellent winter companion. The gentle warmth perfectly balanced comfort and flexibility in my daily activities.

Key Advantages:

  • Lightweight versatile winter jacket
  • Soft breathable shell exterior
  • Customizable warming with 3 heat modes
  • Moisture-resistant and windproof

Heated Fleece Jacket – Luxurious Winter Coziness

As soon as I slipped on the Weston heated fleece jacket, I was amazed by its instantly cozy embrace. The thick insulating fleece fabric perfectly balanced heavyweight warmth and breathability.

The jacket has integrated heating zones on the left chest, right chest, entire back panel, and back of the collar for all-around coverage. It uses a single button control to cycle through low, medium, and high heat settings (110°F to 130°F).

According to Weston, this fleece jacket withstands freezing winter temps down to -25°C. The plush fleece exterior blocks wind and moisture remarkably well.

The integrated battery powered the heating system for 7-8 hours per charge in my testing. That provided plenty of outdoor playtime before needing a recharge! And thanks to the removable power pack, I can safely toss this cozy jacket in the wash after heavy use.

Whether belaying friends at the crag or snowshoeing through the backcountry, this fleece jacket kept me remarkably comfortable in conditions that would normally have me shivering.

Why I Love It:

  • Ultra-plush fleece exterior with 4 warming zones
  • Blocks wind and moisture during winter storms
  • Customizable heat settings from 110°F to 130°F
  • Easy-wash removable battery lasts 7-8 hours

Weston Heated Gear Current Pricing (Discount Going On!)

Before you do “Add to cart”, here is a quick overview of Weston’s current pricing and winter sale discounts:

ProductSale PriceRegular PriceDiscount
Heated Glove Liners$149.95$31953% off
Heated Vest$129.95$18028% off
Soft Shell Heated Track Jacket$149.95$179.9517% off
Heated Fleece Jacket$169.95$29943% off

As you can see, there are some excellent savings right now during their seasonal sale. The crazy popular heated glove liners from Weston Store are an especially impressive deal at over 50% off!

Get an even bigger discount by using the code “REVIEWZONEMEDIA” at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order.

Gear up for winter adventures with Weston’s innovative warming accessories. Their heated gear makes outdoor adventures possible even on the most frigid days!

Gear Up for Winter Adventures!

If cold easily ruin your winter fun as it did mine, Weston Store’s heated apparel is an absolute game changer. Their innovative jackets, vests, gloves, and more all leverage cutting-edge warming technology to keep you comfortable on even the most frigid days.

I’ve tested these products in the depths of winter and can assure you they stand up admirably against the elements. Whether hitting the slopes or simply walking the dog on a blustery night, this gear makes enjoying winter possible again.

While of course remember to layer properly against the conditions, a little extra heat from Weston Store can mean the difference between an epic day or painfully numb failure. I’ll be stocking my closet with plenty more of their innovative winter-warming wear!

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