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A Beginner’s Guide To Start A Campfire With Rocks

Campfire With Rocks

Humans have been closely associated with fire since the beginning of creation. From primitive times until now, we have been largely dependent on fire. The use of fire is noticeable everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. When camping, some campers try to blend in with nature as much as possible, avoiding modern conveniences.

They like to light fires with stones, like in ancient ways. Knowing how to start a fire using this method can come in handy during survival situations. Camping has various uses for fire such as cooking, heating food, keeping oneself warm, keeping insects away, and, above all, dispelling the darkness around the campsite. This article will help you learn how to light a fire with rocks.

Initial Preparation

Before we start, we need to look at a few things.

First, we need a Flintstone – a kind of stone that creates a spark when one hits another. Common rocks such as – obsidian, quartz, chert, jasper, and agate are members of the flint family, and you can use them to light a fire. 

Then you need a tinder nest to catch the embers from the spark. A Tinder nest is a small amount of dry material which can catch fire easily. Once your tinder nest is on fire, you can take it to a big kindling structure to make a larger flame. 

To make your work easier a char cloth can be useful. It’s a piece of cloth made with natural fiber and then converted through pyrolysis which allows it to light up quickly and hold the flame long enough to ignite the tinder nest. 

Getting The Right Rocks

To ignite the tinder nest or char cloth, you need to get a flintstone. Flintstones are available in nature in many forms, such as agate, obsidian, quartz, and pyrite. This type of stone contains a significant amount of silica, which helps to ignite the fire. Silica also makes stone stronger than carbon steel. Carbon steel is another item that you can use to start a fire. 

So, how do you find flintstone while camping? You can find these rocks by dry riverbeds or riverbanks. For the best performance, you need to look for a handy rock with sharp edges. Additionally, one flintstone should be smaller than the other. 

Campfire With Rocks

Tinder Nest

You can use many different materials to make a tinder nest, and all of them are available in nature. Dried moss, tree bark, and straws are the most common tinder nest elements. However, if you are camping near aquatic lands where you are less likely to find dry items, you can use cattails. 

When you have the required items, building a nest is easy. It would be best to make the nest a circular shape because it lights up more quickly. The main goal is to use the spark from the rocks to ignite the nest. Once lit, the nest can burn for up to 2-3 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to light the campfire. 

Starting The Fire

To start the fire:

  1. Keep striking the flintstones against each other.
  2. Keep the bottom stone at a 30-degree angle and put the char cloth or nest under the rock.
  3. Keep the rocks and tinder as close as you can. Striking the rocks together will heat up the stones and create a series of sparks.

When the sparks land on a char cloth or tinder nest, they will catch fire immediately. It won’t flair up instantly, but rather glow like the flames at the end of a cigarette. 

Gently blow on the nest as soon as it catches fire. Then lift the nest with your hand and keep blowing until the nest is fully on flame. Afterward, place the nest in the campfire wood and the wind will do the rest. 

If you can’t find a matchbox or lighter at the campsite or forgot to bring those with you, you can use this method to light a fire. Although it may seem challenging to light a fire with stones at first, you can master this method through practice. Hopefully, this article will help you learn how to light a fire with stones properly.

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