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Best Fat Tire Electric Bike For Adults | MAGICYCLE 52V Cruiser

Fat Tire Electric Bike

A fat tire electric bike is all you need for a fruitful extreme off-roading adventure, as they’re capable of withstanding the utmost pressure of those muddy and uneven trails while keeping you as stable as possible.

Fat tire electric bikes are getting some spotlight recently, don’t you think? It’s mainly because of their wide range of maneuvering capabilities and convenience that these fat-tire electric bikes are becoming one of the primary choices for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With their 4-inch or even wider tires, these bikes have the most ground contact. As a result, they give you the best performance while cruising through the cities and on rocky paths, sandy beaches, snowy roads, or even on the muddiest of trails.

While looking for a fat tire electric bike, we found the MAGICYCLE 52V Cruiser stood out with some excellent components and features that include a unique 52-volt system! This is why, in this article, we’ve decided to review the MAGICYCLE 52V Cruiser, arguably the Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults.

MAGICYCLE 52V Cruiser Review

We’ll be starting with its assembly, and upon opening this box, you’ll see the bike foam wrapped and a smaller box that contains all the accessories like a toolkit, a front LED headlight, a pair of pedals, a bike pouch, the charger to power it up, and some complimentary items. Let’s dive deep into it.

Fat Tire Electric Bike


And this electric fat tire bike comes almost 90 percent assembled. This means you won’t have to be a professional to build this on your own. However, as it comes with its own toolkit, it’ll need approximately 30 to 45 minutes to assemble the handlebar, front wheel, fenders, pedals, headlight, and other components. And as usual, it’s recommended to keep the battery on charge while assembling the bike. With that set, you’ll be perfect to go with your MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER.


Now, as we look into the frame of this bike, this all-terrain fat tire bike has a solid and sturdy, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum frame, which is lightweight and amazingly durable to endure the rigors of your most rugged off-roading adventures. With 26-inch wheels with Kenda’s 4-inch wide non-slip tires, you’ll be getting a perfect grip and traction on the ground, whether it’s a muddy trail or a snow-covered suburban road. The tire also has a reflective stripe to keep you visible and safe, even in the darkest situations.


And as an all-terrain fat tire electric bike, it comes with an alloy front suspension fork that supports lockout and adjustments to deliver you the most pleasant and comfortable ride through the bumpiest of trails. The saddle you’ll be getting is pretty wide and will give you the most comfortable feel during your ride.

Fat Tire Electric Bike


The MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER features a 42T, 170-millimeter forged alloy crank, KMC chain, and Wellgo alloy pedals with reflectors when it comes to the groupset. You’ll also get a 7-speed gearing from Shimano that’ll let you adapt to different kinds of terrain, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable, while the Tektro Aries MD-M300 mechanical disc brakes are sensitive enough to ensure a perfect and reliable braking experience.


The MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER has a powerful 51-volt, 750-watt brushless rear hub motor capable of generating up to 86-newton-meter torque and can pull off 28 miles per hour of maximum speed. And with its seven levels of pedal assist, you get to enjoy a dry and effortless riding experience, no matter how steep or uneven the trail is.


As Uncle Ben says, with great power comes great responsibility; the MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER also dealt with their responsibility with an enormous 52-volt, 15-amp-hour lithium-ion battery to support the impressive motor. The battery can easily provide you with a maximum range of up to 55 miles, making you tension free about its battery life. You can also grab MAGICYCLE’s combo sale, which offers you an extra battery to make your ride even longer at such an affordable price. Juicing up the battery is also pretty convenient as you’ll get a short-circuit-proof 3.0-amp smart charger that can charge the bike within 3 to 5 hours.

Fat Tire Electric Bike

Additional Features

Furthermore, to prevent the bike from thieves, you’ll be getting a reliable bike lock and a bike alarm as a complement with the MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER, which is a plus. And with this full-color LCD display, you’ll be provided with all the important information like your speed, pedal assist, miles-ridden, wattage, and battery capacity.

Final Say

So overall, those were all the key features of the MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER. And with all these amazing components, a 52-volt powerful system, and a massive battery, the bike weighs less than 80 pounds. And with an attractive price of fewer than 2 thousand bucks, the bike is available in both step-thru and step-on versions that’ll allow you to make a perfect decision while purchasing one. So, that was our review of the MAGICYCLE 52V Cruiser, the Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults.

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