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How To Go Tent Camping with Your Dog?

How To Go Tent Camping with Your Dog

Are you looking for an adventure but your friends are too busy? If you have answered yes, then allow us to make a suggestion. Why don’t you try going camping with your dog? It’s an amazing experience and you can enjoy the company of your furry friend in the great outdoors. However, if you go unprepared then you may end up spoiling the fun for everybody. Even if you are an experienced camper who knows their way around the trails, there are a few things that you should know that we will be covering in this article. 

Tent Camping With Dogs

Camping with your dog is an amazing experience where you can both play, relax, and adventure together. It is a great bonding experience between you and your pet as you spend the night under the stars. To help you get the best experience, here is a general guideline on how to go tent camping with your dog. 

  • Choosing the right tent: The first step to camping with your dog in a tent is to choose the right one that will fit you and your buddy. If you have a small dog like a chihuahua or a pomeranian, then you can get away with having a one-person tent. But in general, we suggest you go for a tent that can accommodate at least two people. If you don’t have a two-person camping tent, then we recommend the Coleman Sundome Tent as it comes with large windows for you and your dog to take in the scenery and mesh storage pockets that let you store all the essential items for your dog.

  • Check the campground rules: Before heading over to the campground, you should check all the rules and regulations for bringing your dog with you. The number of dogs allowed per campsite is sometimes limited. Some even have breed or size restrictions for dogs. Make sure your dog is welcome by checking online or calling ahead. Follow the regulations and be respectful to your camp neighbors after you’ve arrived at the campsite. At the campsite, keep your dog on a leash and never leave him alone.

  • Practice beforehand: This might sound silly and many people will probably think this is going overboard, but hear us out. Set your camp up inside your house or in your backyard. That way your pup can slowly get used to living inside a tent and you can give them the proper training needed to follow the rules of the campsite. This is also an excellent way to keep anxious dogs happy as they are able to get used to tents and sleeping outdoors before having to deal with the real thing.

  • Pack supplies for yourself and your dog: This shouldn’t come as a surprise as you need to pack supplies for yourself and your dog. Essential items for your pet are a leash, dog food, a water bowl, a canine first-aid kit, and plenty of treats. You can also bring a sleeping bag for your dog as well as their favorite toys. And lastly, bring plenty of water! According to general standards for your dog, one ounce per pound should be consumed every hour. Thus, plan to bring enough water for both of you, or select a route and place where there will be lots of fresh water available.

  • Check the weather forecast: You should also check the weather forecast before setting off to your campsite. If it is about to rain, then pack extra towels for your dog. Or if it gets cold at night, then consider carrying extra blankets with you. Additionally, pick a tent that can withstand rain, wind, and any other unpredictable changes in the weather.

  • Be careful of hazards: When you are camping with your dog, be careful of any hazards. Ticks and fleas are a big concern when you are staying outdoors. Also, make sure to not set your tent up around rapids, cliffs, wild habitats, and areas with poisonous plants. Call the local ranger to check if there is anything you should be worried about and carry a first-aid kit for your pet.

  • Keep the campsite clean: It’s important that you keep your campsite clean when you have your dog with you. Take the responsibility to properly dispose of any waste or mess made by your dog. Bring disposable waste bags and clean up after your pet. It is our duty to keep the campsite nice and clean. 

This is just a general outline of how to go tent camping with your dog. You can do more research to find some of the smaller details that you should keep in mind before you set off.

How To Go Tent Camping with Your Dog

Activities To Do With Your Dog When Camping

When you finally arrive at your campsite, you are likely to think about what sort of activities you can do with your furry friend. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go for a hike: During your stay at your campsite, you can consider going for a hike with your dog. Most campsites have excellent hiking routes and trails where you can go and enjoy the scenery.

  • Go to the beach: If you are camped near a beach, then you can take your dog out to enjoy the sun, sand, and refreshing seawater.

  • Go boating: You can also try going boating, kayaking, canoeing, etc. with your dog. But do this only if your dog can remain calm around water.

  • Go cycling: Cycling is another great activity that you can do with your pet. It’s a great way for both of you to enjoy nature and take in your surroundings.

  • Play outdoor games: Give your dog some freedom to roam around at your campsite. That way you can play some fun games with your dog like fetch and chase. 
How To Go Tent Camping with Your Dog

Tips For Tent Camping With Your Dog

Here are some additional tips for tent camping with your dog:

  • Schedule an appointment with a vet before going camping. Consult your veterinarian about putting your dog on a flea and tick preventative.

  • Take a picture of your dog before going to the campsite. That way you will have a picture of your pet in case they get lost.

  • When you are out camping with your dog, do not leave them unattended. There is always a risk of them running off, eating poisonous plants, or getting in trouble with the local wildlife. 

  • And lastly, if you are a camper who likes to take travel with your pet frequently, then make sure to tag and microchip them. 

Camping with your dog is one of the best bonding experiences you will ever have. Nothing beats taking a hike, playing outdoor games, or just gazing at the stars with man’s best friend. So, if you want to make sure that you have the best possible experience when you go tent camping with your dog, follow these guidelines as it will make your life much easier and prevent anything bad from happening.

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