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How Does Garmin Dominate The World Of GPS?

Garmin GPS

When it’s about GPS navigation, it’s pretty challenging to find someone who has never used a Garmin device. The brand Garmin and its GPS devices are ruling the entire navigation industry alone, and we’ve tried to break down how Garmin dominates the world of GPS.

You must have used a GPS device at some point in your life if you’re an outdoorsy person. And it’s nearly impossible that you’ve never heard of the name- Garmin. Renowned brands and companies always crave innovation and development, and Garmin was no exception. Yeah, this brand has managed to reach this far, earned wide recognition, and mapped out success against the likes of Google and Apple. But it wasn’t so easy for them.

So, how did Garmin become a widely popular brand, and how does it dominate the entire GPS market? Hop on to the next sections to get an overview of all these queries. 


GPS is a navigation system that uses satellites to synchronize location, velocity, and time for air, sea, on and off-road travels. Once, two entrepreneurs, Gary Burrell & Min H. Kao, found an idea of utilizing the global positioning system and made a plan to manufacture GPS devices. They figured out that people didn’t get accurate data of where they were going while commuting to different places using various sorts of transportation in those days.

And to avert this problem of accuracy, they founded Garmin in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas, and named their company “ProNav.” Their first product was the GPS 100, a panel-mounted GPS receiver, sold for 2500 US dollars. Later on, they renamed their company and stylized it as Garmin in 1991, and they managed to get the U.S. ARMY as their first consumer.


Garmin was an early GPS gadget maker. By 1995, Garmin’s revenue skyrocketed after focusing on producing automotive, aviation, and marine GPS devices. That year their sales had reached 105 million us dollars. And by 1999, they had achieved a 233 million dollar sales margin. Next year Garmin sold over three million GPS devices in 100 countries. According to Garmin’s report, they had total revenue of 1.77 billion us dollars by 2006. 

Survival & Rebirth

Garmin was dominating the GPS industry alone and happily with its extensive GPS devices until its competitors, Google Maps, Android, and iPhone, came out. By disrupting the navigation market, these companies forced Garmin to think about moving into other businesses. But the company didn’t; instead, Garmin started to brainstorm ideas and rebuild its products. After thorough research and development, the company introduced outdoor, sports, and wearable products to its consumers. Garmin covered all niche markets from fishing, hiking, hunting, biking, and diving with handheld GPS devices and smartwatches, such as Fenix & Forerunner. 

People, especially outdoor enthusiasts, love their GPS devices over others because they feature functions like unprecedented battery life with solar charging capability, military standard toughness, unique mapping products, GPS & GLONASS, etcetera.

Garmin GPS

Like outdoor folks, professional sportspersons also fall for Garmin’s smartwatches as these pieces of equipment are bundled with functions like heart rate, oxygen level, golf course map, animated workouts, and many more and can track user activity across a variety of disciplines, including swimming, surfing, and running.

Apart from their hardware, Garmin has mapping products like TopoActive, City Navigator, HuntView, Birdseye Satellite Imagery, and nüMaps for turn-by-turn directions, searchable points of interest, detailed trails and roads, and so on. Apart from that, Garmin and Navionics- an Italian manufacturer of electronic navigational charts, joined together to produce superior cartography products featuring unparalleled coverage and brilliant detail.

Talking about anglers, Garmin has earned their hearts with their product like fish finders, which allow anglers to track fruitful fishing spots. However, by introducing a wide range of technologically advanced devices, Garmin’s business started to witness constant growth. And today, civilians, military, marine personnel, and many other professionals in different sectors trust this brand, which helps Garmin stage a comeback and rule the GPS market again.


After manufacturing superior quality products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports, Garmin’s vision is to be the global leader in every market they operate, and their products should be sought-after for their alluring design and valuable features and functions. 

So, that was a quick and short summary of how Garmin dominated the world of GPS. Garmin is developing and trying to keep pace with technological advancements. Everything we shared is accumulated by extensive research and thorough validation.

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