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YDYL Screen House & Canopy Shelter 13’x9′ Review

Screen House

Camping shelters are great because it saves you from mosquitos, flying insects, and bugs during your camping adventure out in the woods. And it’s beneficial if you have a large group, like 6 to 8 people. For instance, the YDYL Screen House has been in the industry with sheer popularity for a couple of years. It is a non-instant screen shelter that requires you to assemble it, unlike an instant screen house. However, this screen shelter is very easy and intuitive to set up.

In this article, we are reviewing the YDYL Screen House to let you know what you are really buying if you plan to buy this one. After using it for a couple of months, we’ve found out that it’s a reliable screen house, which has established its name and image with its portability, packed size, and features.

YDYL Screen House & Canopy Shelter Review

Screen House

Product Information:

  • Roof Fabric: Polyester
  • Frame: Steel & Fiberglass
  • Capacity: 6-8 People
  • Covered Area: 10.85 Sq. Meters
  • Doors: 2
  • Stakes: Steel (10)
  • Weight: 14 lbs. (Approx.)

First of all, the YDYL Screen House is a non-instant screen shelter, which is typical for its size. We’ve established this tent, and only two people were involved, so it’s pretty effortless to install. And it took a little less than seven minutes to set this up.

There are two types of poles.

  1. Interconnected Roof Poles
  2. Interconnected Leg Poles

While assembling, we started with the roof poles first. The roof poles are made out of fiberglass. Then we started adding the steel leg poles one after another with the elbow connectors. These four plastic elbow attachment system connects the roof poles with the four leg poles. And there are pre-attached pouches for these plastic elbow connectors, which is a nice touch.

They used steel for their leg poles because of a reason. Even though it’s evident that leg poles weigh too much for their steel construction, these poles are very durable, making the overall structure more stable.

After setting up the poles, we dealt with the conventional pin and ring attachment system and used the included stakes to stabilize the frame structure. Apart from its frame, the roof of this screen shelter appears to have been durable and waterproof as it uses polyester material for its roof and ceiling. However, we could not use it in the rain, but we are quite confident about its waterproofing.

Screen House

With 10.85 square meters of floor area inside, it offers a decent size for six people. However, eight people can get inside this screen house pretty quickly. It has mesh walls and large doors, which are great for air circulation. There is no tent floor included. But the tent includes a peripheral flap made out of polyethylene. This flap design is to help you close the perimeter of the interior in case of rain.

Its high ceiling makes it fantastic to cook inside it. You can easily put an outdoor table and chair set up inside this spacious shelter or even set up your kitchen because it has a decent 6.9 feet in height. At least you can take your pre-installed grill inside. However, it is advised to avoid open flames as much as possible and place a flame retardant mat under the grill or stove.

When you want to take the screen house down, start with the leg poles, remove them one by one, and remove the roof poles. Pack it inside the carry bag that comes with it, which makes it convenient to carry.

If you have ever been on a picnic, a camping trip, or at an outdoor family party, then you know how annoying wasps and flies can be. We think that’s where this screen house will save your day.

Undoubtedly, the YDYL Screen House is an excellent solution for your camping weekend trips. This tent is not only for outdoor camping but also great for your patio or backyard family parties. If you plan to go camping in summer, this screen house is highly recommended for 6 to 8 people. Well, there goes our review of the YDYL Screen House. Now share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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