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Ocoopa Union 5s Review | World’s First Modular Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Hand Warmer

If not pleasant, having hand warmers in your pockets might at least make a chilly winter day bearable. No one enjoys those numb hands or fingers. On the worst chilly days, whether you’re out hunting, skiing, camping, or doing errands, you’ll need more than just mittens to be able to use or feel your hands.

If you’re planning to stay outdoors in winter, a hand warmer should really make it to your gear list. Hand warmers have come a long way from basic single-use pocket warmers to rechargeable electric warming devices with better run duration, heat retention, settings, and reusability. And here we have come up with a hand warmer from Ocoopa, which is a brand that represents quality, sustainability, and purposeful innovation. And this Ocoopa Union 5s Hand warmer is no different than that. 

Ocoopa Union 5s Hand Warmer Review

Meet the Ocoopa Union 5s, the world’s first modular rechargeable hand warmer. It’s designed to keep you comfortable and comes with a temperature memory function that lets you enjoy the perfect amount of warmth as soon as you turn on the device.

Hand Warmer
Ocoopa Union 5s Hand Warmer


  • Battery: 10000mAh
  • Warming Temperature: 104-145 Degree F
  • Min Operating Time: 6 Hours
  • Max Operating Time: 15 Hours
  • Rechargeable Battery: Yes


The Union 5s’ revolutionary modular design makes it detachable, rechargeable, and built to last. When you take a closer look at this hand warmer, its construction is pretty sturdy as the heating case is made with an aluminum alloy shell. The inside component is pretty slim and made with polycarbonate plastic. Even though they are detachable, they stay firm and stable and don’t cause any wobbling. It’s pretty hefty and has a premium vibe to it. There are ports on the top of the hand warmer; you can use the hand warmer as a power bank even when it’s connected to the heating case.   

Temperature System

Four-level adjustable heat enhances the hand-warming experience with precise temperature control. While the 360-degree heating surface warms up in a second, spreading a proper amount of warmth from your palm to your fingertips. It has low, medium, high, and max temperature ratings. It can reach from one red LED up to 115 degrees with four LEDs max up to 145 degrees which is quite hot. 

Portable and Versatile

The best thing about this Ocoopa Union 5s Hand warmer is its portability. It’s incredible that something the size of a credit card and the weight of an iPhone can contain so much technology. The Union 5s is significantly compact yet powerful. And it’s not just a device that you can use only in winter. When springtime comes, you can take the heat-generating casing off and transform your hand warmer into a power bank.

Hand Warmer


With this hand warmer, you can easily replace its battery on the go. This hand warmer is packed with a large 10,000 mAh battery capacity that can provide up to 15 hours of heat, perfect for that chilly day trips, fishing trips, and camping weekends. With the Ocoopa Union 5s – Hand warmer by your side, you will be ready for any outdoor adventures without worrying about chilly and numb fingers. The output of this hand warmer is rated at 5 volts, 2 amps. It’s going to be pretty standard in terms of charging your phones. It can charge your phone in about an hour to two hours. However, it may not be able to compete.  

Easy to Use

The Union 5s has cutting-edge safety features that protect against overload and overheating and make it secure, sturdy, and simple to operate. When you remove the battery pack, the heating features get very quickly deactivated. You can double-tap on the key beside the ports, and it’ll tell you how much power it’s left with. 

Our Takeaways

There goes everything to know about this Ocoopa Union 5s Hand warmer, a savior in your chilly days. This innovative and versatile piece of equipment will get you through the coldest days. On top of that, when you’re not using this as a hand warmer, it can also be your power bank. Moreover, its four-level adjustable heat system will give you the exact warmth you need. Thus, this Ocoopa Union 5s is an excellent hand warmer that can be your ultimate savior during winter.

Hand Warmer

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