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Best Folding Electric Bike Espin Nesta E-Bike Review

Folding Electric Bike

It’s no surprise that the demand and popularity of e-bikes are hitting new milestones these days. From design to tech, everything is evolving, improving, and becoming more reliable. Electric bicycles were once heavy, bulky, costly, and had short battery lives. But things got changed for the better. E-bike design took off when it was freed from some of the limitations of traditional bikes, such as weight and gears.

Now more than ever, e-bikes are sleeker, more powerful, and lighter. There are many features and aspects that make an e-bike the best, including its battery, design, weight, easy setup, and many more. Electric bikes can be the solution for you if you’re searching for a method to get to work or do your shopping without using your car and paying for the fuel. Here, we’ll talk about an e-bike that has all the best qualities of an excellent e-bike to offer.

Espin Nesta Folding Electric Bike

Stop worrying about your busy schedule and zip through the city effortlessly with the Espin Nesta E-Bike, a remarkable electric bike that boasts a compact geometry and folds small. This Nesta E-Bike is one of Espin’s flagship folding e-bikes. 


  • Frame Size: 17″
  • Motor: 750-watt nominal/1000 peak output
  • Battery: 504Wh | 6Hrs Battery Charge Time
  • Riding Range Estimated Max: 40 miles
  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Bike Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity: Up to 275 lbs. 


This Class-3 eBike is equipped with a 750-watt Rear-Mounted Geared Hub motor for which you can hit a top speed of 25 miles per hour. This foldable bike has 180-millimeter Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes with integrated Motor Cutoff that delivers confident stopping power. The motor offers 85 Nm torque, higher torque is necessary because it allows you to ride steep hills easier.


The battery has always been an important factor in terms of electric bikes. People used to have the most complaints about e-bike’s runtime. However, the Espin Nesta folding electric bike packs a powerful 504-watt-hour battery that gives it a maximum range of 40 miles, meaning you can take your bike for a long ride. It’s a lithium-ion battery, and its charging time is 6 hours.

Folding Electric Bike

Drive Modes

People often get confused about whether to get a throttle or pedal-assist electric bike. Well, both of these modes are found in these e-bikes, and it is up to the rider to decide when and how to utilize them. 

The most popular style of throttle is a trigger throttle, that’s what this bike has and it’s situated on the front of the handlebars. The rider only needs to pull the trigger with their index finger to go faster. When the throttle is released, the motor generates power to move both the bike and you ahead. In terms of pedal assist mode, you get power only when you are pedaling.

Performance and Weight

Its minimum riding range is estimated to be 20 miles and the maximum is 40 miles. Aside from that, it incorporates a compact, step-through frame for easy mounting, while the all-terrain fat tires provide great handling and riding performance on all surfaces.

Earlier the e-bikes were quite bulky and used to take up a lot of space. With Espin Nesta E-Bike you don’t have to face this kind of issue. Foldable to fit your lifestyle and designed for tight spaces, this bike weighs only around 65 pounds yet can accommodate riders weighing up to 275 pounds.

Folding Electric Bike


The Espin Nesta E-Bike boasts quite a few convenient features. There is also a digital display in the middle of the handle that shows Time, Speed, Battery, Assist Level, Odometer, and Watt output. This screen serves as the brain of your electric bike by displaying significant data and statistics about your commute. Moreover, no one prefers electric bikes that are complicated to set up, that’s just time-consuming and full of hassle.

Espin Nesta e-Bikes are 95% assembled. Just add the finishing touches, that’s all. You don’t need to spend a lot of time assembling before you take the bike outside. The electrical connection and wiring of these e-bikes are all waterproofed, so you can ride this bike in rain as well. 

Wrapping Up

To keep it short, the Espin Nesta E-Bike is an extremely useful eBike that is surprisingly small and built to accommodate your daily chores. These electric bicycles, with their powerful motor, will provide the boost when you need it, making it simpler to ride farther and up hills. On top of that, the maintenance of this e-bike is as easy and normal as a regular bike. For the utmost riding control and to keep the tires inflated you can do regular tire pressure checks. 

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