10 Best Outdoor Blogs You Should Know About

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When you see anything too many times, you tend to get perplexed. Similarly, there are numerous outdoor blogs on the internet that might pull you under a punch-drunk situation. However, the best outdoor blog or journal can help you out in that case. They generally accumulate ample information written about the things you want and need for outdoors in one place. That’s what they try to deliver. Best blog sites for outdoors can help you to humanize your brain, strengthen knowledge on outdoors, help to plan your next trip, and a lot more.

Outdoor blog websites are designed specifically to target certain demography. The aesthetics, the write-up, the valid product reviews, expert advice, user interaction, and everything else matters, to fit the preferences of the visitor. So, you need to find outdoor blogs that deliver good videos, audio, pictures, or writings to cheer you up. Without any more delay, here’s a list of the 10 best outdoor blogs you should know about to have access to all the right goods that await your future ventures.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Blogs You Can Take a Look At

There’s a myriad of outdoor blogs on the internet. We have put forth the ten best outdoor blogs you should know to save your time and money while traveling outdoors based on what they offer, how they interact with the visitors, and how much they can come in handy for the outdoor enthusiasts.

1. Outside Online

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who is not much into reading then Outside Online has got your back. One can easily find audio, video, and print pieces on anything related to the outdoors. Podcasts are also available to the visitors who might love to listen to outdoor experiences. This site covers almost a range of topics from outdoor culture to travel trips, gear review, health and fitness, adventurist profiles, and even the connection between humans and the natural world through their trip review. The most intriguing fact is you can also purchase outdoor outfits, gears, and a lot more from their blog site after reading their detailed reviews. The Long reads section features long-form content that readers might find interesting and knowledgeable. These sections highlight expert advice, most ambitious outdoor journals, best authors’ experiences, and award-winning outdoor stories. All in all, Outdoor Online is the best outdoor blog to rely on for in-depth knowledge of the outdoors.

2. Gear Junkie

Gear Junkie ranks second on our list due to tons of features they provide to the visitors for indulging in outdoor adventures to the fullest. When you are excited to know a little more about that new backpack or tent available in the market, Gear Junkie can save you a lot of time; through updated outdoor news and product reviews. You can’t even take your eyes off of the latest products they showcase on their blog site. Gear Junkie shares pictures, videos, adventure stories, and everything an outdoor lover needs to know. Most interestingly, they place various types of contests for their visitors from time to time. So head over to Gear Junkie to win stunning new outdoor gear for your next adventure.

3. Outdoor Life

Here we put forth a blog site that is not limited to outdoor-related articles or product reviews; the Outdoor Life. They serve all your purposes with packs of information related to the outdoors, ranging from hunting to fishing, gear and gun reviews, survival tips, and news on conservation policy. So, you are also able to save Earth and its creatures. This outdoor blog not only uploads blogs on their website for the readers but also offers gift guides, opinion pieces, game recipes, and more. Outdoor enthusiasts ought to fall in love with this outdoor blog due to ample updated information. They are one of the best sources for the latest gun reviews, fishing photos, hunting contents and outdoor news. Outdoor Life can be one of the best outdoor blogs you should know about to enhance your knowledge of outdoors as well as interact with the people who live on the same page.

4. Outdoor Families Magazine

About the blog, Outdoor Families Magazine endeavors to enrich the lives of multi-generational families around the world by delivering unrivaled, award-winning adventure and outdoor-related content. Thus, encouraging a nature lover for building a connection to, interest in, and stewardship of the natural world. What makes Outdoor Families Magazine from other outdoor blogs is its interaction with every person in a family. And, their name implies that pretty well. They feature printables and guides even for the kids to inspire them to visit outdoors more often. Outdoor hobbyists can find adequate information and tips from the contents of family travel blogs, gear reviews, affordable camping gear, and beginner guides. They also have a social media group named Rewilding, where all the outdoor enthusiasts can join to connect more with nature. All in all, Outdoor Families Magazine is an incredible outdoor blog you should know about to enlighten family lives being close to mother nature.

5. Clever Hiker

With an enormous impact on social media, Clever Hiker has taken over the place on the internet and among the outdoor fanatics. David Collins, an outdoor enthusiast, along with Annie Hopfensperger, launched Clever Hiker in 2012, and this site has grown in reach every year since. Whether someone is planning to purchase the best minimalist chairs to take on backpacking or looking for high-end trekking poles to comfort their hiking experience, Clever Hiker serves that all. David Collins has been a backpacker his entire life. Hence, he emphasized creating content on backpacking, camping, hiking, and anything that may ease planning an outdoor adventure. Clever Hiker features reviews and guides of the best lightweight backpacking tents to best gear like headlamps, water bottles, GPS watches, snowshoes, and many more to take on outdoor trips. They also provide content on food and freeze-dried meals that can last long on your outdoor trips and cut off the hassle of dirty dishes. Sign up for Clever Hiker newsletters if you want to stay updated with their latest content to make outdoor adventure tug at the heartstrings.

6. REI Co-op Journal

Outdoor blog or journal sites are for publishing articles and stories related to anything outdoor. But REI Co-op offers more than that. They have ample amounts of information about which type of outdoor product or gear to purchase. Their online store is even more attractive. Because you can go through a various range of products from sporting goods to traveling equipment for climbing, mountaineering, paddling, camping, hiking, and the list goes on. REI Co-op is a well-known American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. REI Co-op’s outdoor blog is just as popular among outdoor enthusiasts being a renowned outdoor gear seller. Well, you can find not only articles but also videos, photos along with podcasts that make it enticing to the readers. They also offer various mouth-watering and healthy recipes to have outdoors. REI Co-op Journal is one of our most favorite outdoor blogs to date. From REI Co-op’s outdoor blog, you can make kitchen and storage inside a Van on your own or make an adventure notebook from the DIY section. It can also help to start outdoor expeditions in a better way as a beginner. Apart from that, the REI Co-op journal provides expert advice and editor’s picks to help you broaden your knowledge about outdoor adventures.

7. Section Hiker

Whether you are a novice or an avid hiker, Section Hiker has all you need under one roof. This blog site is a place to find tips and buying guides on almost every aspect of your outdoor expedition that you can follow to chop off unnecessary hassle. This outdoor blog focuses more on hiking skills and varying interests every hiker possesses. You can also know more about how to have nutritious food while outdoors or how to maintain a healthy diet and hygiene. Section Hiker is an outstanding outdoor blog site for anyone from beginners to experts to hop on for gathering knowledge on an outdoor expedition. They have a well-structured website that has sections on gear reviews, ultra-light, and other recommended backpacking products to make it easier for the visitors to access. On top of that, a sidebar features all types of gears that are available at discounts. That’s what attracts the visitors more. So, if you are planning to purchase outdoor gear or outfit on discount, then Section Hiker can be a great outdoor blog for you.

8. All Outdoor

Whether a person requires survival tips or gear reviews to execute the best outdoor expedition, All Outdoor has it all. They provide everything an outdoor enthusiast might need, starting from outdoor gear reviews to hacks and experiences through photos and videos. All Outdoor’s site covers a range of areas such as fishing, hunting, survival tips, wildlife experiences as well as expert advice on outdoor gear. They also provide a section for outdoor enthusiasts to create DIY from certain available things while outdoors. The most alluring part of their blog site is they offer to work with them where eligible ones can register by sharing the area of interest.

9. Outdoor Photography Blog

What could be the better way to capture overwhelming moments or document an unforgettable trip than blogs that uplifts photography. The same goes for the Outdoor Photography Blog, and their name implies that. It is a place where one will come across astounding views of the outdoors. Hence, a nature lover strongly feels close to mother nature. However, this outdoor blog emphasizes documenting the most breathtaking moments of spectacular landscapes and scenic views. You can also gather ideas on which photography gears can help you capture moments in the best possible way. That can eventually save both your time and money. Outdoor Photography Blog provides pretty informative articles that range from explaining a mesmerizing outdoor expedition to expert advice for mastering skills in outdoor photography. Every article on their outdoor blog explains each little detail precisely, along with mentioning which outdoor gear they used to capture that outstanding view. What attracts the USA residents more is their annual photography contest where a photographer can win outdoor gear or lenses worth thousands of dollars. Perhaps, Outdoor Photography Blog can enliven an outdoor enthusiast to travel outdoors more often.

10. Fresh Off The Grid

Click here, and you will know. Fresh Off The Grid is a dedicated site on outdoor blogging to serve nutritious and easy-to-make recipes more on camping and backpacking. Whether an outdoor enthusiast is a vegan or looking for gluten-free recipes, this outdoor blog caters to all. The search engine structure of this outdoor blog emphasizes more on user preference. They allow a visitor to choose how they want the articles to appear. Meaning, a visitor can search for recipes based on cooking methods or activity like backpacking and camping. Fresh Off The Grid also provides blogs to help readers make informed outdoor gear purchases and develop outdoor know-hows. They introduce a lot more to the reader, such as how to pack a cooler efficiently while camping or find a place to buy camping gear at discounts. A nature lover can also have access to travel guides and destinations with ample information to help plan the next trip.


After coming across these 10 best outdoor blogs you should know about may have inspired you to open up a blog of your own or you have started planning for a next outdoor trip with family or friends. Well, then let us know in the comment section below.

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