15 Best Camping Hacks and Tips Every Camper Should Know

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Camping is an excellent way to connect yourself with majestic nature. However, camping can be tricky even for the typical campers. But you will have an amazing and trouble-free experience if you know some of the best camping hacks to save the day. Partaking in outdoor adventures like camping is an exciting activity that allows you to have an incredible acquaintance close to mother nature. But circumventing modern amenities during camping can be tricky and often put you in trouble. Knowing and applying some hacks will surely increase your overall experience while saving both time and money. Hence, we have sorted out some of the best camping hacks for you. Get prepared for your next camping trip by going through it one by one, which we have pointed out below.

1. A Stick to Secure Tent

You went camping, but unfortunately you forgot to bring the tent pegs. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this amazing camp hack to keep your tent stand strong from blowing away. You can gather a large pile of woods and cut them into mandated lengths for holding the edges of your tent. Or, fastening a single thick stick or a thick branch in the middle can help you create space inside your tent and help it stand in shape. Many people carry sticks as a support for walking into the woods while camping. You can also use that particular stick to secure and maintain the balance of your tent.

2. Vacuum Seal Packaging for Foods

The worst scenario that most people face during camping is the rotting of their limited foods. Hence, curtailing food waste and spoilage should be the priority when you are leaving home for camping. Initially, it would help if you decided what type and how much food you are going to have, depending on the number of days you will stay at the campsite. Then accordingly, you should prepare and pack them into a vacuum-sealed package. That’s how you can make your food last up to 3-4 times longer than non-packaged foods. Because the vacuum sealing process helps to preserve the quality of your food by preventing the growth of bacteria and even saves from freezer burn. This way you can save money and time from buying or looking for foods.

3. Dry Bags are Fantastic!

Dry bags are impressive when it comes to keeping your belongings dry and carrying things inside them seamlessly. This bag comes in handy for several purposes, starting from keeping things free from moisture to storing your dirty clothes to using it as an instant washing machine. This dry bag can work as a flotation device during camping whenever you may have to cross streams or save your friend from drowning. This doesn’t end here. Anytime you may run out of water and have no bucket to fetch from a nearby stream. Not a problem! You can use your dry bag instead! All you have to do is fill it with water, fold it thrice, snap it into the buckle and use it as an alternative to a bucket. You can also stuff your dry bag with clothes and use it as a pillow. Probably, by now you are already convinced to have a dry bag as one of the best camping hacks to carry out on your next outdoor excursions.

4. Start a Fire with Hand Sanitizer

Igniting a campfire with hand sanitizer may sound strange but this works as a charming hack if you are struggling to do it. Don’t stress. You can simply use a small amount of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help catch fire on your tinder quickly. But it’s wise to carry a fire-starting kit with you as hand sanitizers are highly flammable.

5. Create a DIY Lantern

You can use your headlamp to create a DIY lantern in case you are not carrying an extra one to save space in your bag during camping. Usually, many people carry a headlamp before they head out for camping. But it is not convenient enough to light up your campsite. Hence, you can wrap the headlamp around a large water-filled bottle or a jar with the headlight facing inwards and turn it on to get the maximum amount of light you need. Creating a DIY lantern on your own during the darkest hours can help you reduce your bag’s extra weight and be one of the best camping hacks.

6. Grab Water Purification Tablets

Though carrying a portable water filter on your camping adventure is practical, it’s not always feasible. A great idea will be to keep some water purification tablets with you so that you can drink clean water even from a nearby stream or water body. You just have to drop one tablet 30 minutes before to purify one to two liters of water, then it is safe to rehydrate you.

7. Save Bread Tags for Using it as A Clothespins

Probably you have heard of bread tags. It is one of the most unacknowledged tools to clasp plastic bags or bread bags tightly. Unfortunately, many people can barely find any other reason for keeping a bread tag before being thrown away. But guess what? You can use bread tags to fix your clothes for drying under the sunshine securely. It also reduces the risk of your laundry from blowing away due to heavy wind. This is certainly a wonderful family camping hack to save space inside your bag. Moreover, if you forget to bring clothespins during camping then bread tags can be the savior. From now on, start collecting bread tags for camping whenever you finish off a loaf of bread.

8. Have Silica Gel to Keep Things Rust-Free

Do you remember the silica gel packets that came along with every new pair of shoes or products you used to buy and mislead you as if those are candies? Be careful -those aren’t edible! However, now that you have grown old, you know that silica gel is pretty useful for absorbing moisture. And this is why we get to see it in almost every product that tends to rust or decay due to moisture. During camping, this can be an incredible hack to save your cookware or anything else. Well, how? Just keep the silica gel packets inside the bag in which you are keeping the utensils or your favorite gears to save from rusting. Usually, we dry our cookware completely at home but during outdoor trips, it becomes really hard to keep them in a moisture-free environment in between every use. On top of that weather is unpredictable. Moisture may increase in air, the ground may become damp and sometimes we may also rush while drying our dishes before stuffing them inside the bag – that’s when a silica gel comes in. Moreover, it is quite disappointing to see your favorite cookware or other stuff with rust spots on it. So, start collecting silica gel packets from wherever you get them as this can be an outstanding trick to keep things rust-free.

9. Candle Wax as Zipper Lubricant

During camping, you need to deal with a number of clothing items that feature a zipper closure system. And if the zippers get stuck, rub over it with a bit of candle wax (wax to get rid of a stuck zipper), and it will stop the teeth from getting caught.

10. Burn Sage & Repel Mosquitos

During camping, mosquitos can ruin your moments when you’re spending quality time. But carrying bug repellents or any other electronic devices can be hazardous. In such a case, you can save huge time as well as reduce the hassle of packing by knowing how to repel mosquitoes naturally. Gather a few bundles of sagenext time you go camping, burn a bit of it in the campfire and you will find a lot less of them buzzing around you. Because mosquitos cannot bear sage smoke and are easily repelled I.

11. Crack Eggs and Store Them in a Bottle

Have you missed having scrambled eggs on your previous camping? Then we have a simple hack for you to carry eggs seamlessly that will provide you adequate energy and nutrition throughout your outdoor expedition. It is one of the easiest camping hacks that you will love to implement. You can crack the whole egg, whirl it with a spoon, sprinkle some salt and pour the mixture into an air-tight bottle or jar for later use. Voila! you have your scrambled eggs on fire. You can also carry the whites and yolk part intact inside a bottle if you are planning to have an omelet on your camping. You just have to pour it slowly inside the container and store it in a cooler to stay fresh.

12. Bring fully Charged Power Bank

Anytime your phone or any other electronic devices may run out of charge. Hence, don’t forget to keep a fully charged power bank with you during camping. Because running out of the network may cause you a lot of trouble. Yes, it is true that to have an actual camping experience we need to stay closer to nature rather than depending often on technology. But in the darkest hours of the night or a demanding situation, a power bank can deliver you that minimum amount of electricity you need.

13. Peel Strips of Soap Bar for Each Use

Carrying a bar of soap can be amazing until you have to put it back inside your bag after every use. Often it ends up ruining other stuff with wetness and soapy bubbles whereas you probably assumed to keep it safe within its plastic bag. This creates a huge hassle and you may have to pop out everything from your bag and wash them off and hang it on open air for drying. Putting a wet soap back in may also ruin your important documents inside the bag. Obviously, you don’t dare to take that risk. Hence, a better solution to this can be to peel off soap strips with a vegetable peeler and keep them in a separate plastic bag. Such that you can easily grab one strip before heading off to shower or washing off your hands. Indeed, carrying strips rather than a whole bar reduces the weight of your backpack.

14. Grab Solid Toothpaste Dots

Hacks are for making life manageable. And here we have another camping hack for you: to carry solid toothpaste dots instead of carrying a whole tube that has been taking up space within your bag. All you have to do is squeeze out drops of toothpaste on a plastic or a plain surface, sprinkle some baking soda and let it dry for 3-4 days. And there you go! Now you can keep that solid toothpaste in a resealable bag and grab it out effortlessly for every next use.

15.Tic-Tac Bottles to Carry Spices

Sometimes you may need to carry different spices to cook food while staying for more days during the camping. And, storing them in a separate large container can be pretty infuriating. A simple hack to this is to put spices inside tic-tac bottles. This will not only curtail the extra weight of your bag but also make it easier for you to carry throughout the camping trip.


Applying a bit of homespun ingenuity in your next camping trip will not make you awful. Instead it will save you time, money, and some space in your bag. You can make your camping trip memorable with all the best camping hacks we have mentioned above. And these camping hacks are not only creative but also fun and easy to implement.

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