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AugTouf 18” Camping Shovel With Military Folding: A Compact Shovel To Make Your Campsite Habitable

Camping Shovel

Without the right gear, camping could be challenging, and a camping shovel is one of the essential items you can carry. Whether you’re digging a hole for the bathroom, placing tent poles, or even constructing a fire pit, a good-quality camping shovel can do it all. 

However, those who want to camp light might not enjoy the concept of bringing a heavy or bulky shovel in their backpack. In that case, if you want to ration storage space, getting a foldable and compact shovel would be a wise choice. 

The 18” Military Folding Camping Shovel is pretty small and compact, so this will come in really handy when you’ll do some off-roading hiking hunting. You can just keep this little shovel or tool in the back of your truck. Moreover, this military folding camping shovel can cover a wide range of applications. And thanks to its saw-like serrated edges it cuts or digs through hard material pretty easily.

AugTouf Military Folding Camping Shovel Review

A lightweight camping shovel is a must for simplifying campground duties, whether you’re a novice camper or a seasoned veteran. While camping, you may need to cut wood or any hard material, sawing branches, or small trees for firewood, this 18” Military Folding Camping Shovel can cater to all these camping needs. Let’s review this 18” Military Folding Camping Shovel in-depth.


Material: High Carbon Steel

Design: Foldable

Closed Length: 18cm(MINI FOLDING SHOVEL), 24cm (Small Folding Shovel)

Maximum Load: 27 Lbs, 55 Lbs

Foldable Angle: 90 Degrees

Weight: 25 Ounces

Ergonomic Design 

The 18” Military Folding Camping Shovel claims to be compact and durable. AugTouf’s emergency shovel has a 3 Fold Design that makes it simple to fold it either straight or at a 90° angle, making it great for shoveling, hoeing, sawing, digging, chopping, and hammering.

It comes with an anti-slip and anti-deformation designed handle so you can work for a long time without any hand fatigue and wrist strain. Moreover, if you want to adjust the shovel as per your need, there is a ring that tightens to make it rigid or loose to fold it up.

Camping Shovel

Build Quality

The body of this shovel is made with High-Carbon Steel and features heat-treated 0.06″ thick blades with a sawtooth. The shovel looks pretty unique with its triangular-shaped handle. Its extra-large screw and reinforced bolts make the shovel strong enough to endure the toughest conditions.

Easy Maintenance 

Maintaining this foldable shovel is pretty easy. To prevent wear and corrosion at the junction, shake out any sand or soil that may have fallen into the locking collar. When you’re done washing your shovel, dry it properly before you store it. Don’t forget to place the shovel inside the included nylon case after fully folding it. The product should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated area. And lastly, to make sure the junction part doesn’t get rusted, don’t forget to lubricate it every other day. 


As much as you need a shovel on your camping trip, you need to make sure the shovel is lightweight and compact so you can easily carry it. So, when it comes to portability, AugTouf has done a brilliant job with their 18” Military Folding Camping Shovel. This ideal mini shovel measures to 18.1″ full length with a blade width of 4.7″ and it weighs only 25 Ounces. And its foldable design makes it compact as well.

Camping Shovel

Multi-Functional Case

It comes with a durable carry case that’s made with heavy-duty Nylon. This heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath case has a Loop backside and sponge inside. The case is very convenient because you can easily attach it to your belt/backpack or use it as a knee pad when shoveling.

Wrapping Up

There goes everything you need to know about this military folding camping shovel. All in all, the AugTouf 18” Military Folding Camping Shovel is an excellent choice in terms of versatility and compact features. You will get your money’s worth with this camping shovel. Any experienced camper would love this 18” Military Folding Camping Shovel as it’s designed to take care of all your entrenching, shoveling, digging, sawing, chopping, and hammering tasks. It’s a perfect companion for camping and a versatile tool, as it should be. 

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