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Asomtom Step-Thru All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike E300 Review

Electric Mountain Bike

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, are primarily built with a small, lightweight electric motor to help the riders. These days, they are widely available and fall into almost every category, from road bikes to mountain bikes. Many campers and travelers, especially those who are not professional cyclists, prefer electric bikes because of their convenience.

The use of electric mountain bikes makes it possible to ride farther and faster while exerting less effort, which makes climbing hills easier. While most MTBs use a step-up style, today we will focus on an electric mountain bike that uses a step-through style. The bike is not only very durable but also provides excellent off-road comfort and a stylish premium appearance.

If you are already interested, in the following sections we will walk you through a thorough evaluation of the Asomtom E300 and attempt to give you an overview so you can make a decision.


  • Battery: 48V 15Ah
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Motor: 750W BAFANG Motor
  • Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Pedal Assistance: 1-5 level
  • Top Speed: 29MPH Top Speed
  • Max. Payload Capacity: 400 lbs


This e-bike follows the same simple assembly instructions as all the other e-bikes we’ve reviewed. After removing the box, we discovered all of the essential parts of the e-bike in their correct locations, along with some assembly-related tools.

We also received a cable, an adaptor, a user manual, and some other small bike parts. It was quite easy to assemble the whole bike with the instructions in the manual. We finished assembling the system in about an hour. But if you’re just starting out, it might take you a little longer.

Electric Mountain Bike


Upon closer inspection, we found the main frame of the bike is made out of robust aerospace grade 6061 aluminum alloy with a maximum load capacity of 400 pounds. So, you can easily rely on this e-bike as a tour partner on your camping trips.

Besides sturdiness, it maintains aesthetics too. Each joint in the frame looked super smooth, and its overall outlook reflected its classiness. Additionally, its alloy suspension fork is lockable with the simple push of a button. To be clear, locking the front fork increases energy efficiency on some trails by preventing pointless bobbing.


Performance-wise, this electric all-terrain bike provided a faster-starting speed and acceleration than we expected. And when we looked into it, we found out its well-capable LISHUI controller was behind this incredible headstart, with a 48V 25A of energy!

Not to mention, its 750-watt brushless Bafang motor also collaborates with a tremendous 1000-watts of peak power, generating 85-newton-meter of torque! So, although Asomtom claims it to be as fast as 28 miles per hour, we did manage to exceed that limit pretty easily with pedal assist. On top of that, Shimano’s 7-speed derailleur was more efficient for a smooth gear switch during those uphill rides.

Electric Mountain Bike
Step-Thru All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike E300

Tyre and Brakes

Then came these 26-inch x 4-inch fat anti-skid tires, which weren’t only suitable for those challenging muddy mountain trails but also gave an unmatched grip and traction on snowy and sandy terrain! But everything aside, something significant caught our eyes, which was its rugged and non-deformable barrel shaft. This closed-type buckle makes these wheels almost impossible to disengage. Combining that with these hydraulic disc brakes, this bike provided superior braking power regardless of muddy mountain trails or sandy beaches.

Electric Mountain Bike
26 “× 4 ” Puncture-resistant Fat Tires
Electric Mountain Bike
Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Comfort and Convenience

Some of you may be wondering how comfortable the ride is. Well, in that case, its oversized suspension cruiser padded saddle successfully satisfied us during those bumpiest rides. But what anyone will love more, is its step-thru design that eliminates all the struggles while mounting.

We also found its LED-backlit display bright enough to read comfortably under harsh sunlight, while its precise information kept us updated about our rides. Speaking of challenging trails, its hydraulic suspension alloy forks can travel up to 120-millimeter for a smooth and comfortable ride. But when we rode it on paved roads, locking it got us better pedal efficiency. 

Power Efficiency

The million-dollar question is now at hand: how long can the battery last? Well, according to Asomtom, its 48-volt, 15-amp-hour removable lithium-ion battery can cover 35 to 45 miles in pure electric mode.

Our test results showed that this wasn’t all that different since we could travel up to 48.7 miles on a single charge! But, when we switched to pedal-assist mode, it provided around 50 to 60 miles according to its five different levels. A US standard 2-ampere smart charger was included with this all-terrain electric mountain bike, which took about 5 hours to fully charge this chunky battery.

Electric Mountain Bike
Power Efficiency

Our Take On This

With such an outlook, sheer power, ruggedness, and efficiency packed into one MTB, the Asomtom E300 offers just the right amount of everything to be considered an ideal travel partner on your next backpacking trip. And we think that brings us to the end of the review of this “Step-Thru Electric Mountain Bike for All Terrains.” We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and got all the important insights about the e-bike. 

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